Building your website is just the beginning. Once it's live, marketing it and driving traffic are what really deliver value to you in the form of awareness and real visitors.

It is no coincidence that our team have built and marketed two of the Island's largest, longest established and most visited websites in and

Just search 'Isle of Man' or 'Manx' in Google and you'll see what we mean. and

With a combined total of 1.7 million unique visitors, making over 42 million page views* our online audience is the largest any Isle of Man media channel can offer.

We can provide an integrated marketing presence for your business, tightly targeted to specific interest areas to make sure your promotional spend is focused and not wasted on 'blunder bus' marketing.

With over 1000 directory categories and feature sections for News - both text based and video reports via MTTV, Events, Business & Finance, Tourism, Food & Drink, Home & Garden, Health & Style, Money, Motors, Property, Weather, it should be an essential part of your promotional activity. Not forgetting the web based Business Directory, and the traditional white and yellow pages Telephone Directory

* Source: Google Analytics - 12 months ending December 2014

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media, and Pay-per-Click

These areas are best served by specialist agencies. However, getting the basics right first can save you time and money later. For your reassurance, we build websites to the best SEO guidelines - this simply means that your website will be naturally highly ranked for any search term associated with your business.

If it is appropriate for your business, we can advise on establishing your presence on the leading social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Every website we build lends itself to integrating with these platforms, so whether you're ready now or later, everything you need can be taken care of. Likewise we are also happy to advise on establishing pay-per-click advertising using Google Adwords and setting up your website with Google Analytics so you can see exactly how your website is performing, where visitors come from, what they look at and how long they spend on the website etc.

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