Strongest Signal Service from 'Chameleon Direct' 

  • An essential part of your resilience plan
  • Automatically connects with any available network including Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2, Meteor and 3
  • MTPAS compatible

Manx Telecom’s SSM service provides the highest level of coverage when one or more operators in the UK are unavailable. By providing seamless access to other operators’ networks the service is perfect for those who need to maximise their mobile coverage for crisis critical personnel. This includes:

  • Emergency Services
  • Emergency Planners
  • Utilities
  • Security Services
  • Lone Workers
  • VIPs
  • Organisations seeking business continuity


UK mobile networks provide good coverage and meet the needs of most users, but there are occasions when due to network problems no signal is available. This can be due to any number of reasons including topography and other obstacles. More recently however, the occurrence of terrorism and natural environmental disasters has lead to ever increasing demands on UK operators’ mobile networks. For specialist users, to whom communications are vital, the Manx Telecom SSM Service offers the highest possible level of coverage during these times. Having the SSM Service in place is a straight-forward and highly effective measure to take in forward planning for these occurrences.


Used with any dual band (900/1800) handset, the Manx Telecom SIM provides the user with access to all UK GSM networks. The strength of all the network signals is constantly monitored and the best selected automatically.

Switching to a Manx Telecom SSM SIM has proved to be of real benefit to those who require optimal mobile coverage for commercial or operational reasons. The Manx Telecom SSM Service also gives Packet and Circuit Switched Data coverage across all UK and Republic of Ireland networks and is therefore ideal for telematics machine-to-machine communication.

The SSM Service offers a plain and simple solution: no bundles or subsidised handsets are included, just security and access at the highest level. Additionally, Manx Telecom SIMs can be programmed with the appropriate Class of Service so that they will work under MTPAS conditions. Therefore, if the organisation and end user in the UK is entitled to MTPAS status, it can be provided as part of the Manx Telecom SSM Service.

SIMs are usually dispatched within 1 working day and are activated on confirmation of receipt by post. Manx Telecom SIMs will work in any existing dual band mobile device that has not been locked to work on only one UK network and are also compatible with BlackBerry®.

Strongest Signal Mobile Costs

Rental Charges

Per SIM Card Rental
Monthly Rental Charge £8.33

Strongest Signal Call Charges

Usage costs when in: Incoming Call Local Call* SMS Packet Data**
UK, Republic of Ireland
& Channel Islands
FREE 30p 21p £1.25

All charges shown above exclude VAT

Additional Information

  • Extensive roaming available worldwide. For details please click here
  • Terms and Conditions apply.
  • * Calls made to fixed line phones and mobile numbers within the country you are in at the time of call. Costs are per minute rounded to the nearest penny. All roamed calls will have a minimum charging period of 60 seconds. Calls charged in 30 second increments thereafter.
  • Charges above exclude satellite, maritime, premium rate calls, directory enquiry services and US extended networks
  • ** Price per Megabyte, GPRS Edge, 3G and HSDPA. 10KB minimum increments
  • No connection charge. Packet and Circuit switched Data connectivity is available across all UK and Republic of Ireland networks
  • For full details contact Andy Coulson on 01624 636688 or by email here

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