Intelligent Cloud

Intelligent Cloud enables you to lease hosted servers in a virtual environment without the financial outlay of hardware costs but whilst retaining the ability to access and administer your services as required.


With two models to choose from, both with 512Kbps of FREE Internet Bandwidth, there is the perfect solution for your needs.


Choose a highly flexible Pay-as-You-Go solution with resource bursting and a minimum contract term of just one month.


Alternatively, our Reserved service with guaranteed modular options available on 1, 2 or 3 year contract terms. 

Reserved Cloud Hosting Configurations

  Starter Small Medium Large Extra Large
CPU Reserved  2.5GHz 5GHz 10GHz 22GHz 36GHz
 Memory Reserved 5GB 10GB 20GB 35GB 48GB
 Storage 300GB 600GB 900GB 1200GB 2000GB
 Virtual Machines 2-5 6-12 15-25 25-50 50-100
 Public Addresses 1 1 1 2 4

Intelligent Cloud is built on fully resilient and fault tolerant enterprise-class server hardware and utilising a leading Virtual Machine software platform.


Fully Managed, set-up consultancy and bespoke options available.


For further information please contact our business sales team on 624 624 or by email on

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