Manx Telecom Manxnet Mail

Manxnet Mail is a free e-mail service for customers of Manx Telecom's Manxnet ISP services. You can use it with an e-mail program like Outlook Express or online through a Webmail account. Manxnet Mail offers 50MB storage space and you can send emails (including attachments) up to 15MB in size.

New Users

It's free to signup. Click here to register now. N.B. you must be connected to the Internet using a Manxnet access product to view this page.

Existing Users

You can login to your Webmail account by entering your username and password into the login box on this page.

If you would like to use a mail program such as Outlook Express or similar, please see below the set-up instructions for the popular email programs.

IMAP Settings

Please note that the IMAP connection settings are the same as the POP3/SMTP settings in these documents.

Document Downloads

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