Really, really, really fast Broadband

With free connection and free router, there’s never been a better time to move to super fast broadband!

Up to 40Mbps downstream
Up to 2Mbps upstream

Ultima Broadband, a faster Broadband service based on Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) technology offers speeds of up to 40Mbps downstream and up to 2Mbps upstream.
That's up to 3 times faster than ADSL!
Download, upload, watch and play all at the same time.

ultima 240x250


Manx Telecom has made a significant investment to provide Ultima to all 12 telephone exchanges and every Fibre to the Cabinet nodes around the Island.
Your line must be 2KM or less in length to be able to receive Ultima.
To check you are within range and to see what your typical speed would be please click here.


You will also need a VDSL compatible router to benefit from the new higher speeds. By signing up to Ultima for a minimum 18/24 month term you will receive a high performance VDSL compatible router for FREE on most tariffs!
Better still, this will be sent to you pre-configured so you don't need to worry


Ultima requires a Manx Telecom engineer to visit to convert a telephone socket ready for Ultima. You don't need to use any plug-in filters anymore so just sit back and let us do the work for you.

FREE Installation

Standard installation costs £78.00 but if you are a Manx Telecom Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go mobile customer then installation will be FREE


PackageNew Customers
Monthly Rental
Renewing Customers
Monthly Rental
Ultima 15GB £24.45 N/A
Same price as new customers
Ultima 40GB £28.45 £24.95
Ultima 150GB £31.45 £27.95
Ultima Unlimited £34.45 £30.95

Free Installation is applicable to Manx Telecom Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go mobile customers, otherwise standard installation costs £78.00. Prices include VAT
The actual speeds achieved are dependent on many factors including the telephone line distance so cannot be guaranteed.

Service Care

Ultima Broadband comes with Service Care Level 4 which can be enhanced to Service Care Level 2. Level 2 provides a priority fault resolution service for customers. The benefits of Service Care Level 2 are:

  • Faults cleared by 5pm on the next working days following report
  • Operates between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday including IOM Public Holidays
  • Chargeable out of hours engineering attendance available upon request

Service Care Level 2 costs £3.30 extra per month on your Ultima Broadband rental. We recommend that you also upgrade your phone line rental to Service Care Level 2 so both your fixed line and Internet have the same Service Care Level. More details about the different service care levels are available here.


Manx Telecom Ultima Features
Download speeds up to 40Mbps

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Upload speeds up to 2Mbps

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No time limits on surfing

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Unlimited Email Addresses

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Free Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Email Filtering

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Dynamic IP Addressing 

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24/7/365 Helpdesk

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Extensive Online Support

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Manx Telecom Engineer Installation

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Further Information

Prices include VAT
Installation is FREE with Ultima if a Manx Telecom Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go Mobile customer registered with our MyAccount Loyalty Scheme, otherwise installation is charged at £78.00.
A free router is available for new customers on all services except Ultima 15GB
Renewing Customers are subject to a 12 month minimum term
New Customers, who require a router and engineering visit are subject to a 24 month term for Ultima 15GB, 40GB & 150GB, otherwise 18 month term applies.
Customers upgrading from Ultima, who are already within a minimum term, will be subject to the 'New Customers Monthly Rental' rate.
Non-Interleaving options, which are primarily for online gamers are available for Ultima 15GB, 40GB, 150GB and Unlimited.
Ultima is available to customers on Choice, Standard Choice, Island Choice and Global Choice tariffs only.
The actual speeds achieved are dependent on many factors including the telephone line distance so cannot be guaranteed.
Ebilling is mandatory for new connections