BlackBerry Enterprise Service

The BlackBerry Enterprise solution is a mobile email product for businesses operating within a Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino or Novell Groupwise system.  It enables employees to view their email, their calendar, tasks and contacts list remotely, while away from their desks on a wireless device designed specifically to the task.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution combines award winning devices, software and services to keep mobile professionals connected to the people, data and resources that drive their day.

BlackBerry integrates seamlessly with your company email server so you can use your existing business email address to send and receive corporate emails. You don't need to dial up, as the new emails are pushed to you over the Manx Telecom data network.

BlackBerry from Manx Telecom means you're 'always on, always connected' (subject to coverage).

Select the BlackBerry Internet Solution from Manx Telecom if you want to connect to the following types of email accounts:
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) email accounts e.g. Manxnet, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Google and many more
  • Company email accounts that allow email forwarding
  • Company email accounts that allow POP3/IMAP4 access via the Internet

With the latest Blackberry Enterprise Server software from Manx Telecom you can also:

  • synchronise your email, calendar, address book and tasks while on the move
  • control your email settings remotely - so you can update your Out-of-Office details
  • benefit from enhanced access to your corporate data, such as secure access to your office based CRM applications
  • access your intranet and internet
  • read email attachments including full PowerPoint, GIFF, PNG, JPEG and TIFF files on the move