Ebill is a simple to use paper-free online bill to help you manage your bills at home.

You can choose ebill on an individual account basis. We will send your secure ebill by email each month which you can store on your computer and print only when required.

What will an ebill look like?

Image of ebill

Your ebill allows you to:

  • View full call itemisation
  • See detailed statistics of phone usage
  • Analysis and graphs

How do I choose ebill?

Login to My Account and select "Management & e-billing" from the options. Next, click "ebilling" and follow the on-screen prompts to switch to e-billing. Remember, you'll need to download the ebill Decoder to view your bill.

Why do I need a Decoder?

Your ebill is delivered in an encrypted email. You will need to install the Decoder on any PC / Mac you wish to use to view your ebill.