Ebill Direct Report - where a decoder is used to open the bill - is no longer available for new supply. Please see Ebill Lite for our updated solution.

Ebill is a simple to use paper-free online bill to help you manage your bills at home.

What will an ebill look like?

Please note this is an example of Ebill DR report, which has been updated to Ebill Lite.

Image of ebill

Your ebill allows you to:

  • View full call itemisation
  • See detailed statistics of phone usage
  • Analysis and graphs

Ebill Direct Report (DR)

This type of Ebill is no longer available and has been updated to Ebill Lite. If you received the old style of Ebill where a decoder was used to open the bill, still have these Ebills saved on your computer but need to download the decoder you can still get it by clicking here.

Why do I need a Decoder?

Ebill DR was delivered as an encrypted file attached to an email. You will need to install the Decoder on any PC / Mac you wish to use to view this type of ebill.