Manx Telecom - Here for you

Manx Telecom continues to work to ensure we remain open for business so that people across the Island continue to receive our network, connectivity and support services.

Given the urgency and importance of the current situation regarding Coronavirus, we are pleased to announce that we are introducing a number of temporary measures to help reduce costs at a time when people need it most, and to help ensure people can stay in touch.

We are easing restrictions on mobile and broadband contracts, reducing selected mobile call charges, and making local and national calls free for existing users of our Low User Choice tariff.

The new measures are designed to help safeguard, protect, support and connect many different groups of customers across our community. Some will come into effect by Sunday April 5, 2020.

Fixed line

Our social inclusion tariff “Low User Choice” is a simple, low-cost voice only service that is easy to understand and is designed to help our most vulnerable customers and many elderly people on low incomes or Government benefits.

To ensure these customers can stay in contact with friends, family and support organisations, we are making all local and national calls free to these customers.

Mobile Pay As You Go

To help ensure our Pay As You Go customers get the most value possible during this financially challenging period we are making these changes:

  • Pay As You Go vouchers and top up validity will be extended from 90 to 180 days.
  • 50% call charge reduction in local mobile minutes to other Manx Telecom mobiles.
  • 50% call charge reduction in local mobile minutes to Sure mobiles.


We are releasing capped broadband services for no additional charge. This is to help ensure our Essential and Fast broadband customers - including the most vulnerable and many elderly - can keep in contact with their family and friends using email, Skype, Facetime and similar online tools.

Financial hardship

Manx Telecom has no intention of disconnecting any customers who are suffering financial hardship as a result of the economic impact of Coronavirus. Our approach is to talk with our customers and support them as much as we can to keep them connected so they can stay in touch with their family and loved ones. We would urge anyone who is facing financial difficulties to reach out to us if they are concerned about their repayments. Customers can call us on 624624 and corporate customers can contact their Account Managers.

Manx Telecom Chief Executive Officer Gary Lamb said:

“These are unprecedented times that call for meaningful measures to help make it easier for us all to work together to try and limit the spread of Coronavirus and keep our families and loved ones safe.

“We have moved quickly to introduce a wide range of measures and extra value initiatives to benefit as many people as possible, and particularly to help safeguard the most vulnerable members of our society. We are sure our customers will appreciate the call charge reductions, extra time extensions and free broadband cap waiver in this financially challenging period when it will be so important to be able to keep talking to each other by phone or via the internet.

“We’d also like to reassure those who have temporarily lost their income due to this crisis that we are here to help. If you can get in touch with us on 624624, we will be able to make sure your service keeps working and can discuss an alternative repayment plan for you during this period. Customers can also reach us at and via our Facebook and LinkedIn social channels.

“I’d like to thank all my colleagues for their commitment to helping our customers at this difficult time. The Isle of Man is a wonderful place to live with an unrivalled community spirit. Together we will continue to work to keep everyone connected and supported as we face the Coronavirus challenge.”