Our vision is a rallying call for everyone in our business and a focus for our strategies. It’s an expression of our collective ambition – our desire to provide a genuinely different service to our customers.

Our vision

To be the Island’s leader in providing high quality, innovative communications services, richly enhancing lives and businesses at home and overseas.

Our values

Our values are the most important behaviours and attitudes that our employees aspire to in their day to day working lives in order to achieve their goals.


We are resourceful, spirited, enthusiastic and keen. In short, we make things happen.


We are alert, hard-working and committed.

In short, we are the first to take ownership and responsibility.


We are positive, commercially assertive, taking credit where it’s due. In short, we lead by example.


We are dependable, credible, reputable, and community minded.

In short, we are a trusted partner.