For customers who prefer to host their own email server Manx Telecom E-Biz also offers Mail Store & Forward.

E-Biz Mail Store & Forward is aimed at any customer, on or off-Island, who has their own email server; this service provides automatic queuing of emails if your mail server goes offline for any reason and when your server is back online any queued emails are delivered.

When you send an email your mail server uses Domain Name Servers (DNS) to look up the MX Record to identify where the destination server is located. Your mail server then attempts to send the email to that server and if there is no response it will retry a set number of times before returning the mail back to you as undeliverable.

How it works

With Store & Forward if the server you are attempting to send to does not respond then a secondary MX record is used to direct the email to the E-Biz Store & Forward server. The email is then queued on our server and when the destination server is back online it will send a request to Store & Forward server to send any emails that are queued.

Store & Forward means that you will never lose any emails if your server is offline due to a power outage, equipment failure, scheduled maintenance or connectivity fault.

Benefits and Features

  • Automatic queuing and re-delivery of emails if mail server is offline
  • Stored emails queued for up to 60 days with a maximum of 5GB email storage while queued
  • No limits on the number of email addresses
  • Anti Virus scanning on queued mails powered by ClamAV – any virus infected mails are dropped from the message queue
  • Realtime Black List checking for anti-spam scanning

Please see our Service Diagrams page for visual examples of the service


E-Biz Mail Store & Forward £10.00 per month

Prices exclude VAT.

Technical Details and Requirements

To be able to benefit from Store & Forward you will need to have the following:

  • Your own email server and fixed IP address
  • Mail server software support to ETRN/ATRN (we use ETRN)
  • Mail server support for TLS enabled ETRN sessions
  • Mail server support for authentication enabled ETRN sessions
  • A DNS forward hostname
  • A correctly configured DNS reverse (PTR) record


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