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More information about Global Solutions can be viewed on their dedicated website

Using our mobile platform together with some unique and innovative technology, Global Solutions enable UK and international wholesale and corporate partners to offer a variety of ‘smart SIM’ mobile services. Our technology has already proved vital and being of real benefit for hundreds of thousands of end-users requiring optimal mobile coverage or a mission-critical connection; whether it is for commercial, operational or personal reasons. By offering flexibility and control through a dedicated web-based portal, the service allows companies to tap into rapidly emerging and expanding market segments, especially the Internet of Things.

The main services offered by Global Solutions are:

Machine to Machine / Internet of Things

Strongest Signal services

Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (‘MVNE’)

Machine to Machine (M2M) communication has become instantaneous, continuous and affordable. It is also at the very heart of the Internet of Things market, in which almost anything – processes, machines and everyday objects – can exchange data autonomously. In doing so, this can create new opportunities, new ways of doing things, new revenue streams and, in some cases entirely new products, services and sectors. GSMA Intelligence report(*) estimates the number of connected IoT devices to reach 25 billion by 2025. By working with a network of partners who specialise in extracting maximum value from the opportunities that the IoT market offers, our Smart SIM technology can provide the connectivity necessary for any organisation to transform the way they do business. The potential applications of M2M/IoT are vast, and can be applied for example, in logistics, transport, security monitoring, utilities and energy sectors.

(*) GSMA Intelligence - IoT: the next wave of connectivity and services - March 2018

Keeping in touch with people, whether it’s a lone worker or a vulnerable person living alone, can be ‘mission-critical’ – or even a matter of life or death. Assets – remote plant, machinery, vehicles, or even luxury goods – also need to be monitored, controlled and protected. For a growing number of sectors, it’s vital that a contact is made and maintained, unhindered by any variation in network coverage. Our Smart SIM technology offers users the ability to roam across multiple mobile networks on a single SIM – providing access to the strongest signal and best coverage in any given location. Some sectors leading the way in the deployment of critical connection connectivity include emergency services, lone workers, VIPs, vets and telehealth.

With extensive roaming partnerships across the world, Global Solutions provides extremely competitive solutions for any type of business enterprise looking to offer a specialist mobile communications service of its own. In particular, our service enables solutions targeting international travellers, unique traveller markets such as India, and diaspora communities such as Chinese nationals living in the UK.

Global Solutions is 100% owned by Vannin Ventures, a subsidiary of Manx Telecom.