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Cloud store & share from Manx Telecom is a multi-service platform to store, sync and share files and folders.

It is secure, easy and available anywhere, anytime across multiple devices. Critically, your data remains safely protected in the Isle of Man only rather than any other geographical location.

Whether you are in the office, travelling or at home, on a PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or thin client, you always have access to your data which is automatically synchronised in the cloud in real time.

Peace of mind

Your data is secure and encrypted on the Isle of Man when transferring to or from your device. Even Manx Telecom employees will not be able to access your data. Manx Telecom engineers monitor and support the platform 24/7. Telephone support is also available.

High volume, high availability storage

The Cloud Store & Share platform provides high volume, high availability storage with guaranteed data persistence. It is designed to deliver 100% availability with all data stored on multiple storage arrays across geographically diverse data centres. If anything occurs at one Data Centre your data remains available at another.

Secured collaboration

Foster and develop collaborative working. Create documents, files and folders within secure, encrypted team workbooks. Exchange secure links to your data with two-factor authentication and expiration dates to tightly control access.

Increased productivity

Whether you are at home, at the office or travelling, connected on a PC, MAC, Smartphone, tablet or thin client, you always have access to your data which is automatically synchronised on the Cloud in real time.

Exceptional end user experience

The user interface is simple and elegant creating an intuitive, natural end user experience, increasing user productivity.

Easy file management

Save and manage version control for multiple file versions. Record and track all file changes made by authors and authorised editors of your data.

Cloud Store & Share End User Quick Start Video