Provides two channels over one telephone line allowing users to make voice calls and send data or video simultaneously.

Other benefits of ISDN2 include:

  • High quality voice calls with other ISDN users
  • Allows secure point to point data transmission
  • Bond channels to increase bandwidth
  • Use one channel for voice calls and the other for data or fax services

ISDN2 Monthly Rental Charges

Monthly Rental £39.25 £33.10 £29.45

Connection Charges

Connection of ServiceTransfer/Reconnection
or Renumber
Administrative Change
£230.00 £80.00 Free

All prices exclusive of VAT.

Connection of Service Charge

Applies where there is no suitable ISDN2 line available to your property. This charge covers engineering work in the exchange, distribution network and / or your property in order to connect a new ISDN2 line or additional line(s). Excess construction charges may apply when providing connectivity to individual properties or building plots that are beyond our existing distribution network.

Transfer, Reconnection or Renumber of Service

Applies if the premises has had ISDN2 service in the recent past, and the line, property wiring and main socket are undamaged. Similarly, this charge will apply if you move property or request a new telephone number.

Administrative Change

Applies to minor amendments, e.g. change of company name.

We will advise you of the connection charge cost at the time you place your order, however if a higher charge applies following checks against the details of your property we will advise you before starting work.

Service Care

ISDN2 is available on Global Choice, Island Choice and Standard Choice tariff plans. Depending on which tariff you choose this will determine the entry point Service Care Level for your ISDN line. Service Care Levels are:

  • Global Choice comes with Service Care Level 3
  • Island Choice comes with Service Care Level 3
  • Standard Choice comes with Service Care Level 4

Our Service Care Levels offer a choice of support providing you with structured response times for fault resolutions each one backed up with a service guarantee. Each ISDN service has an entry point service care level but in all cases if this does not provide the level of support you require for your business needs upgrade options are available.

The ISDN2 monthly rental charges shown above are inclusive of the entry point service care level.

For more information about the different service care levels and costs please visit the Service Care section of our website.

Call Charges

Calls from ISDN lines to any destination are charged as per the rate for the tariff the ISDN line is subscribed to.

ISDN2 Facility Charges

The following additional services are available on ISDN2. With the exception of Bypass Number, all of the additional facilities listed are charged per telephone number group.

TypeConnection ChargeMonthly Rental
Calling Line Identification £10.00 £1.13
Multiple Subscriber Numbering £20.00 £3.33
Sub Addressing £10.00 £1.13
Selective Call Barring n/a £4.33
Administration Controlled Diversion £10.00 £1.13
Bypass Number n/a £1.13
Three Way Calling £10.00 £1.13

All prices shown exclude VAT.

ISDN2 corresponds to CCITT Basic Rate Access.

Paper Bill

An additional charge of £1.25 (excluding VAT) per month is applicable for new / renewing customers on these tariff plans who choose to receive a paper bill.


For further help and information about Manx Telecom's ISDN services, please contact our business sales team by email  or by calling 624624.

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