Billing Services

Fixed Service Customer Accounts

We process the charges for calls made on your phone line. Bills for fixed line telephone service are generally issued on a monthly basis except where the particular tariff dictates otherwise.  The main elements of the bill are: -

  • The cost of calls made from your phone
  • Charges for calls via an Operator
  • Advance rental for your phone line and any ancillary services or equipment you may rent from us. This may be charged on a pro-rata basis if you commence or cease service part way through a billing period
  • One-off charges i.e. fee for connection or installation
  • Discounts applicable to the tariff
  • VAT at the appropriate rate

Please see the back of your bill or its electronic equivalent for up-to-date information on the different ways to pay.

Mobile Customer Accounts

Manx Telecom Pay Monthly Mobile customers’ bills are issued monthly. The main elements of the bill are: -

  • Direct dialled and roaming call charges
  • Data charges
  • Text and / or Picture Messaging charges
  • Advance rental for your mobile service and any ancillary services you may rent from us. This may be charged on a pro-rata basis if you commence or cease service part way through a billing period
  • Discounts applicable to the tariff
  • VAT at the appropriate rate where applicable


Itemisation can be obtained free of charge by registering online at

If you require a paper statement of all fixed line or mobile calls, a charge will be made for this service.

Account Convergence

It is possible to converge separate fixed line accounts and / or pay monthly mobile accounts onto one phone account.

You will need to complete Account Convergence forms; these are available on our website, or by contacting us on (01624) 624624.

Electronic Billing (Ebill)

Our paperless ebill service is free of charge and provides full call analysis, statistics and charts.  A charge will be made should you require a paper bill.

To receive an ebill you will need to register your fixed line phone account, pay monthly mobile account or converged account beforehand with our online My Account service.  Login to, select ’Management & e-billing’ from the options and follow the steps to change to ebill.

Once your first bill has been loaded to the service, you will receive an email advising you to complete your registration. The email will contain a registration code and keyword, both of which are required for the registration. Once this is completed you will receive a message on screen confirming your account has been successfully registered and advising your login name. Please make a note of your username for future use.

When subsequent bills are issued, if you have agreed to receive notifications within the you will receive an email advising that your latest bill is ready to be viewed online.

Bill Queries

If there is something on your bill which you do not understand please call us on (01624) 624624 as soon as possible.

We aim to deal with your problems quickly and fairly, however we are only at liberty to discuss the account details with the account holder of the service. In order to assist us, please be prepared to quote the number of the line or mobile concerned, or your account number.  If your query requires detailed investigation we aim to provide a full response within 10 working days.

If appropriate we will check the call charges used to calculate the bill.  This may involve comparing past and current use.  Please bear in mind that your overall call charges can be significantly increased, for example, by a ‘one-off’ lengthy international or premium rate call (perhaps made by a visitor) or other changes in circumstances.

If necessary we will check our record of faults and the systems which handle your calls and billing.

If you have a complaint regarding your bill which the Customer Accounts department cannot resolve, please refer to the complaints section at the end of this Code of Practice.

Difficulties in paying a bill

If you have any difficulty in paying (for example, if you will be away from your home / business) please contact us on (01624) 624624 to make alternative arrangements.  One option is to pay by direct debit, a simple and convenient way to settle monthly billing.  Please ask for a bank mandate form.  Your service / contract may be disconnected or suspended if your bill goes unpaid.  Please see our disconnection policy.

In cases of genuine financial difficulty, we may be able to help by extending the time for payment or by agreeing to payment by instalments.  This may avoid your telephone service being disconnected.

Disconnection Policy

Manx Telecom’s responsibilities to its customers

Manx Telecom will provide a bill to its customers with the due date for payment indicated on it. This is the latest date a bill should be paid.

If you advise us that you are having difficulty paying your bill, we will offer you one or a combination of the following: -

  • A Repayment Plan enabling the bill to be cleared over a period.
  • Restricted service to help you avoid incurring more debt.
  • Premium rate call barring free of charge.
  • Information about monitoring call spend using Manx Telecom’s myMT service.

If payment is not received by the due date, we will contact you by letter, email, text, phone call or any combination of these actions, to inform you of the final date for payment.

If payment is not received by the final date for payment or a payment arrangement agreed, service will be disconnected. A disconnection charge will be raised, and will appear on the following month’s bill.

Customers who do not pay their bill following disconnection will be advised in writing that their contract will be terminated subject to prevailing terms and conditions. The outstanding amount may be passed to a debt collection agency or we may seek redress through a Small Claims Court judgment. A connection charge may be raised if the service is subsequently re-provided.

We retain the right to disconnect customers without notice if: -

  • You are required to pay a deposit or pay by Direct Debit and default
  • Your application for service is found to be inaccurate or false.
  • Your line is already restricted and you still fail to pay your bill; cannot be contacted by us; or will not agree a payment plan.
  • You have failed to pay your bill and have had your service restricted to incoming calls only in the preceding year.
  • Fraud is suspected. If abnormal usage is detected, the line may be restricted to incoming calls only to avoid incurring further debt until we can contact you and establish the reasons for this abnormal usage. If appropriate we will then investigate further to establish if fraud is taking place. We reserve the right to prosecute in all cases of fraud.

Customer Responsibilities

We expect customers to: -

  • Pay their bills by the date shown on the bill.
  • Inform us as soon as possible if there is any reason why they cannot pay their bill or need more time to pay.
  • Pay any undisputed amount of their bill whilst their query is being investigated.
  • Agree with Manx Telecom to restrict the service and pay back the outstanding bill over an agreed period.
  • Raise any query relating to their bill as soon as possible.

Useful Information

If you are struggling to manage debts, The Office of Fair Trading provides a free of charge Debt Counselling Service. You can contact the Debt Counselling Service by calling (01624) 686510 or email see their webpage at

Code of Practice: C6/GS/088 Issue 24 September 2019