Manx Telecom Mobile Network

Manx Telecom operates mobile services based on the world standards of “Global System for Mobile Communications” (GSM) EDGE, third generation mobile (3G), along with High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) and 4G mobile.  The service offers secure, high quality calls / messages and data sessions along with access to a range of network services.

Details on all aspects of Manx Telecom’s mobile services can be found on our website –


As mobile phones and mobile devices such as tablets use radio waves, call or data session quality may be affected by the weather, terrain and physical obstructions such as tall buildings.  With an undulating area such as the Island, transmission is likely to be influenced when in valleys, bays and lowland sheltered areas, or when going indoors.


This is the ability to make and receive calls / messages and set-up data sessions whilst travelling in countries outside the Isle of Man (including the UK).  Service will be available in a country if an agreement has been made by us with the appropriate mobile operator.  Please see our website for more information about roaming partners, roaming services and advice on roaming charges.

Mobile Services

Manx Telecom offers a range of products to help you get the best out of the mobile network.  We provide mobile service on:

  1. pay monthly basis where you receive a monthly bill charging you rental in advance and call, data and messaging charges in arrears.
  2. pay as you go where you credit your pay as you go account and this is debited when you make a call or instigate any other chargeable event.  You do not receive a bill and there is no rental for this service.

If you wish to find out more about these services, including connection to the network, roaming and data services please call us on (01624) 624624.

Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allows you to keep your mobile phone number if you decide to change from one mobile service provider to another one within the Isle of Man.

MNP is available to both pay monthly and pay as you go mobile customers of all network service providers in the Isle of Man, if your number has not been barred or suspended.  There is no charge to port your number.

For more information regarding MNP please refer to our website,

Mobile Contracts

Please see ‘Contracts’ section.

Mobile Prices

Details of Manx Telecom’s charges for products and services are available from:

Manx Telecom Trading Ltd,
Isle of Man Business Park,
Cooil Road,
Isle of Man,
IM99 1HX.

For the more popular services brochures are available, or visit our website

Please contact us on (01624) 624624 for any specific pricing queries.

Mobile Billing

Please see ‘Billing Services’ section.

Mobile Number Range

You can identify an Isle of Man Mobile telephone number if the six digits start with 5XXXXX, 4XXXXX, 3XXXXX or 2XXXXX and prefixed with 07624 if you are calling from off Island to the Isle of Man.

Service Difficulties

Please note, not all mobile services are available everywhere on the Island, just as they are not available in all other countries.  Not all mobile phones will be capable of receiving some services.  We may not provide the service to equipment that is not able to receive the service or is not approved by us.

Mobile service on the Island is not fault-free; a range of different geographic, atmospheric or other conditions or circumstances beyond our control can impair it.  Data reception and speeds may not be as good indoors or in a car.  Radio-based mobile technologies can also be affected by local factors including Manx stone walls and modern buildings, e.g. steel framed construction, foil backed plasterboard, insulation and reflective metal coated glass in double glazing panels. Coverage issues can arise due to the topography of the terrain, e.g. steep gradient hills or valleys, dense tree foliage or the remoteness of your location.  It might also depend on how many people near you are trying to use the Service at the same time.  For more information about the things that affect coverage and data speeds, please look at the dedicated support pages of our website at

If you continue to experience problems you can report the issue by calling our Helpdesk on (01624) 624624 or by visiting our website and using our online contact form which can be found by clicking on ‘Contact us.’

Incoming Calls

Charges for calls made to the Manx Telecom Mobile network are generally the responsibility of the calling party.  However, use of certain services may incur charges for the called mobile customer, for example when calls are diverted to another number.  In addition, a Manx Telecom mobile customer when roaming in certain countries will pay for the roamed portion of incoming calls.


As a customer of Manx Telecom’s mobile service, you will receive a SIM card (Subscriber Identity Mobile card).  When this electronic smart card is inserted in any mobile phone that is not SIM locked, i.e. tied to another network, it identifies you on the Manx Telecom Mobile network as a customer.  Without it the phone will not work.

Please remember to keep your mobile phone / SIM card in a secure place.  If lost or stolen please report it to the Police and ring us on (01624) 624624 as soon as possible.  We will assist the Police with their enquiries.

Code of Practice: C6/GS/088 Issue 24 September 2019