Other Manx Telecom Services

Advanced Network Services

Manx Telecom aims to ensure that you get full potential from our network - whether fixed, mobile or broadband.  Access may be provided to advanced features or facilities which may be controlled from your own phone or accessed online through My Account.  The availability of these services will be dependent on your chosen tariff / service.

For example:

  • Ring Back When Free
  • Reminder Call
  • Call Return
  • Voicemail
  • Itemised Billing
  • Call Diversion
  • Call Barring

Most advanced services are supplied free of charge with some tariff plans - either automatically, as part of the telephone service, or upon application.  However, on some tariffs they may not be available or can be ordered at additional cost.  We will continue to introduce new features from time to time.

For more information on Advanced Network Services and free connection to Star Services call us on (01624) 624624.

To use many of these facilities you must have a single direct telephone line with a Touch Tone (multi-frequency) telephone – i.e. one that makes a tone sound as you dial.

Non-Geographic Services

084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers

Non-Geographic and Premium Rate services have dialling codes starting 084, 087 and 09.  They also include directory enquiry searches using numbers beginning 118.  Calls to these numbers are charged at higher rates than normal calls.

They include recorded information – for example, weather reports, competitions, voting and live conversations and things that you can download such as ringtones.

Call Charges

The charges for calling a non-geographic number consist of a service charge and an access charge.  The service charge, which can be duration based, fixed fee, or a combination of the two is paid to the provider of the service you call and is the same regardless of whether the call is made from a fixed line or a mobile phone. The access charge which is duration based is raised by us. Access charges can vary depending on whether a call is made from a fixed phone or a mobile.

The Phone Paid Services Authority is the industry-funded regulatory body for all premium rate charged telecommunications services.  They regulate the content and promotion of services through their Code of Practice. The Phone Paid Services Authority investigates complaints and has the power to fine companies and bar access to services.

The Phone Paid Services Authority can be contacted as follows:

Phone: 0300 30 300 20

Website: www.psauthority.org.uk/

Information and entertainment services, including adult services, are also provided by International administrations – phone numbers for these may be advertised in the British Isles.  The Phone Paid Services Authority code of practice also applies to these services.

We have no control over International numbers but we can permanently block premium rate numbers and International calls on your line. For more information contact us on (01624) 624624.

Operator Services

Manx Telecom provides a number of operator services (some of which you will have to pay for).  We aim to answer calls promptly and courteously.

Operator services include: -

  • Reports of Public Payphone Problems (100)
  • Transfer Charge Calls (100)
  • Special Assistance (198) see below
  • Operator Connected Calls (100)

Special Assistance is available to customers who need help when obtaining numbers, for example those who are registered as blind.  Please contact us on (01624) 624624 for more details.

Operator Connected Calls - If, due to a problem you are unable to dial a local call successfully, the Operator will be pleased to try to connect you.  Operator charges will apply.

Directory Enquiry Services

Several 118 numbers are available for Isle of Man, UK and international enquiries.  Please visit our website for details.

Customers with special needs

A range of hearing aid compatible phones is available from the Manx Telecom shop in Douglas.

Special needs customers can make use of the Emergency Text Messaging Service to contact the Emergency Services.  A leaflet is available from the Isle of Man Fire & Rescue Service.  For more information and contact details please visit www.iomfire.com.

Services for customers with social needs

We are committed to developing products to make sure that customers on a limited budget can afford telephone service.

We provide a low cost fixed line rental option specifically for customers who use the phone infrequently that allows inbound calls and access to 999 emergency services, while all other outgoing calls are charged at a higher rate.

Directory / Ex-Directory


Some customers prefer to be ‘ex-directory.’

If you choose to be ex-directory: -

Anyone ringing any Directory Enquiry service will be unable to obtain your number as it is not listed.

Your entry will not appear in the Manx Telecom printed Phone Book.

Manx Telecom will not give your phone number to people who ask for it, except where appropriate data protection authorisation has been received, for example from the Police.

Your number will also be unavailable to anyone trying to identify the number of the last caller when dialling 1471 (Call Return).

You do not have to be ex-directory to withhold your number.  You can withhold your number either by dialling 141 before the number or by arranging to withhold your number permanently by calling us on (01624) 624624.

We also offer the option for your number to be excluded from the printed Phone Book but included on Directory Enquiries.  As this is not ex-directory status, your number would normally be available to anyone dialling 1471.

Phone Book and Business Directory

Manx Telecom produces a new Isle of Man Phone Book and Business Directory each year; these listings are also available via 118 directory enquiry services and online through www.manx.net and www.isleofman.com.

Due to the timescales involved in publishing the printed Phone Book we cannot guarantee that any entries received after the 20th September will appear in the next publication.

Customers who rent a Manx Telecom fixed line or have a Manx Telecom pay monthly mobile service from us are entitled to one free standard line entry in the Phone Book white pages and equivalent online residential listing.

A fixed line standard line entry includes name, initial and address (including house name or number).
Example: - Smith J., 3 The Road..........................Douglas 6xxxxx

A mobile standard entry includes name and initial and only if requested an address.
Example: - Smith J., Mobile..........................07624 xxxxxx

Fixed and mobiles can be grouped if requested.
Example:- Smith J
3 The Road …………………………….Douglas 6xxxxx
Mobile …………………………………..07624 xxxxxx

Manx Telecom Pay As You Go mobile customers must advise us if there are any changes to their entries before the 20th September, for the change to be included in the following year’s Phone Book.  Any changes will be reflected online with immediate effect.

For information regarding business entries in the white pages, the business directory (yellow pages) and online please ring us on (01624) 624624.  A standard business line entry in the white pages of the Phone Book can include a maximum of 3 words of business description.

Standard business line example for White Pages: -
Quirk A & Son Ltd,
Plant & Mach Hire, 1, The Road, …Douglas 6xxxxx

All entries in the Business Directory (yellow pages) are chargeable.  A standard line entry does not include any words of description, at our discretion we will insert a business description if the classification does not fully cover the services offered.

Any deviation in the standard residential or business line entry is at our discretion and may incur an additional charge.  This includes:

  • More than 3 words of business description
  • Inclusion of Christian name
  • Inclusion of honours / qualifications

It is our policy to use standard abbreviations in our directory in addresses, names (unless chargeable) and business descriptions e.g. Rd, Robt, Elec.

We reserve the right to refuse any unsuitable entry which does not comply with our standards of publication (for example nicknames).

Individuals who operate a business in healthcare professions may only advertise if they are registered by their professional body as being qualified in their respective profession. A list of the professions and the professional body for each is available from Department of Health and Social Care.

Directory Advertising

Businesses may place chargeable adverts in the Phone Book, Business Directory and online at www.manx.net and www.isleofman.com.  This can range from an additional line entry for the same telephone number through to display advertising and bespoke online adverts.

All Phone Book advertising, including chargeable line entries, must be renewed annually by business customers. For all chargeable entries we will endeavour to contact you either by telephone or in writing to confirm your requirements. Should we not receive any instructions to amend or cancel your entries, we will repeat your advertising in accordance with the provisions of the contract which clearly states that your entries will remain in force for successive periods of 12 months until terminated by either party giving notice.

We cannot guarantee that your entries or advertisements will appear on a specified page or in a specific position, but will take all reasonable steps to comply with any expressed wishes.

Full terms and conditions are available on application for advertising.

For details of how to advertise in the Directory please ring (01624) 624624.


A copy of the Manx Telecom Phone Book & Business Directory is distributed every year.  We aim to deliver to every household and business address in the Isle of Man.  If you have not received your copy please contact us on (01624) 624624.


We take great care to ensure your entry is accurate.  Occasionally accidental errors will occur.  If a problem occurs you should contact us on (01624) 624624 as soon as possible.

We will not consider a line rental rebate for errors or omissions associated with any standard line entry.  We are unable to reprint the Phone Book and Business Directory.  Nevertheless, we will try to help you with suggestions, which may include: -

  • Supplying printed cards (which can be returned to us for free mailing) to send to contacts/friends
  • Redirection of calls
  • Paying for a press notice when chargeable entries are involved.
  • Making sure correct entry online and with Directory Enquiry services.
  • A credit to your telephone account up to the maximum value of £30.00


We are licensed to provide a public telephone service.  All public payphones will allow you free calls to emergency services on 112 and 999, and access to the Operator.

Provision of public payphones is covered in guidelines agreed with the Isle of Man Communications Commission.  These guidelines are available on our website.

In addition to the public payphone service, some cash payphones are connected to our lines by parties such as clubs, pubs, hotels and shops. Please report any difficulties (for example, losing money) to the provider of the payphone.  The call charges for such payphones, which are set by the owner, should be shown by the phone.  Please ring the Communications Commission on (01624) 677022 if you are aware of any such payphones where charges are not shown.

Public Payphones / Difficulties

We repair damage caused to our public payphones by vandals / thieves.  We aim to have 98% of payphones working at any time. Please ring (01624) 624624 to report any damage to public payphones to the Manx Telecom Customer Experience team as soon as you can.

Even if otherwise out of order, in most cases public payphones will still offer calls to emergency services.

If you are unable to insert money, please tell the Manx Telecom Operator who, if required, will ask the customer you are calling to pay for the call.

If you lose money the Manx Telecom Operator will help, either by connecting the call and taking account of the time you have already paid for, or crediting the amount you have lost to a nominated phone account if you wish, or by sending a refund.

Dealing with malicious calls and texts

Malicious calls and texts cause annoyance, inconvenience and anxiety.  We view this problem very seriously and work closely with the police to tackle it.  If you receive nuisance calls, please phone us on (01624) 624624.  For further information please see the information pages in the front of the Phone Book.

Unsolicited calls

If you do not wish to receive unsolicited calls from telemarketing companies you will need to register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).  The TPS is a free service.  The registration line is: 0345 070 0707.  If you wish to write to the TPS their address is:

Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
DMA House
70 Margaret Street

Website: www.tpsonline.org.uk

Telephone Preference Service (TPS) Service Helpline number is 0345 0700 705.  You can call this number to hear about other Preference Services such as the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) or Fax Preference Service (FPS), if you are a company or for any other queries.

Code of Practice: C6/GS/088 Issue 24 September 2019