Please see below notification of several price changes we intend to apply to our fixed line services on 1st January 2021.  The changes include annual inflationary adjustments to fixed line service rentals, call charges also to fixed call setup charges. The inflationary adjustment we intend to apply is 3% based upon the Isle of Man Economic Affairs Division Retail Prices Index (RPI) for October 2020.

Table 1 and 2 - Price changes are shown below and highlighted in yellow (all rates are inc. VAT)

  • Increase in the call set-up charges inc. VAT, rates to change from 21.6p to 22.6p
  • Increase in monthly line rental ex. VAT by 3.0%
  • Increase to call charge rates for calls to all destinations by 1p or 3% whichever is greater (see impacted tariff categories table 2)
  • Increase in the call set-up charge applies to all fixed line tariffs including CVoiP and SIP products

General exclusions

  • Operator, Directory Enquiry and Information Services (e.g. Speaking Clock) are not impacted
  • The UK operator portion of Non-Geographic fixed and usage-based services are not impacted
  • Low User Choice, our social inclusion tariff, is not impacted by the line rental change
  • Inclusive call periods are not impacted

Other mobile out of bundle price changes

  • Mobile out of bundle call charges to all zones, also SMS out of bundle charges will increase by 3%
  • Mobile rental and mobile data usage charges will not be impacted

Bill notice in December phone bill

"In January 2021 we will be applying small increases to mobile and fixed out of bundle charges, also Fixed Line rental charges. Public notices will be posted before the end of December at Manx Telecom Headquarters, IOM Business Park, the Manx Telecom Shop, Strand Street, Douglas and online at

As a result of these changes, if you no longer wish to continue your contract you may terminate it without penalty. Such termination will be back dated to the date of the change."

Right to Cancel

You have the right to terminate the affected part of our agreement if we have made a change that materially disadvantages you.  Please see our Consumer General Terms & Conditions, clause 39. If you are within your minimum term period and have a valid reason to terminate our agreement prior to the contract end date, you may do so without incurring an early termination charge for the provision of fixed line services.  If this applies, you will be able to cancel your fixed line contract up to and including the 31st March 2021.  Charges will be back dated to the 1st January 2021, the date on which the new rates applied.

If you have any questions relating to any aspect of these changes, please contact our Customer Experience team on 624 624.

 Table 1 - Proposed Fixed Call Tariff and Rental Increases

table 1 web image v2

Table 2 - Breakdown of proposed Fixed Call Tariff Increase by Call Type

table 2 web image v2

Date of Notice: 2nd December 2020