With effect from the 10th May 2019 we will be applying a small increase to our Fixed Line tariff plans and call set up charge.  Details of the changes can be found in the tables below.

Fixed Line Rental Charges

The following changes to Fixed Line tariff plans will apply from the 10th May 2019.  Revised rental charges will apply as shown in the table below:

Tariff Plan Monthly Rental
to 9th May 2019
Monthly Rental
from 10th May 2019
(formerly Global Choice)
£28.60 £30.16
Evenings & Weekends
(formerly Island Choice)
£23.40 £24.67
(formerly Standard Choice)
£20.25 £21.35
(formerly Choice)
£18.20 £19.19
Low User
(formerly Low User Choice)
£5.38 (monthly equivalent) £5.38 (monthly equivalent)

 Call Set Up


Tariff Plan Charge
to 9th May 2019
from 10th May 2019
All Fixed Line Tariff Plans 20p 21.6p

 Call set up charge applies on all calls excluding free or capped calls and calls to 084, 087, 09 service numbers and 118xxx directory service numbers.

All charges shown above include 20% VAT.  Rates will apply to new and existing customers

More Information

You have the right to terminate the affected part of our agreement if we have made a change that materially disadvantages you.  Please see our Consumer General Terms and Conditions, clause 39.

If you are within your minimum term period and have a valid reason to terminate our agreement prior to the contract end date, you may do so without incurring an early termination charge for the provision of fixed line services.  If this applies, you will be able to cancel your fixed line contract up to and including the 31st July 2019.  Charges will be back dated to the 10th May, 2019, the date on which the new rates applied.

Paper Bill
The charge for receiving a paper bill will increase to £2.10 (inc VAT) effective from the 1st August 2019.  This change will affect fixed line and pay monthly mobile services.