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Recommended Broadband Plans for Families (Multiple Users)

Unlimited Broadband plans, ideal for keeping families connected

When you need to connect to multiple online services at the same time, we’ve got you covered. Our unlimited broadband plans provide the speed you need to keep harmony in busy homes. Ultrafast is our minimum recommended Broadband plan for families or multiple user environments and is available over copper or fibre networks.

Broadband Plan Fibre
(£p/m inc. VAT)
(£p/m inc. VAT)
Fixed Line (£p/m inc. VAT)
(required for copper)





From £19.19




From £19.19









† A Manx Telecom fixed line is required for all copper delivered broadband services starting from £19.19 per month. 
Pricing includes a compatible router at £6.00 per month for 24 months.

Find out more about Fibre Broadband, including pricing and availability.
View all broadband pricing plans here.

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We have access to more entertainment in our homes and a greater choice than ever before. With multiple users on multiple devices at the same time you need a home broadband that can deliver the speed you need. Our home broadband for families gives everyone the freedom to find their own space and stay connected. Life is simpler with uninterrupted connections, when people need them. Find the speed you need with Manx Telecom.

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Introducing Fibre

We are currently investing in a fibre infrastructure around the Isle of Man. Fibre optic cables offer greater speeds, reliability and quality over traditional copper cables. Where available, we would recommend fibre plans over copper for the increased performance they offer.

Find out more about our Isle of Man Fibre Broadband

If you want to check if Fibre is available to your home or need help choosing a broadband plan, our customer experience team are here to help on 624624 or just call in to our Strand Street store.

Useful Broadband Information 

▼ IMPORTANT - Getting the best from your Broadband

In addition to the plan you choose, your Wifi router and setup will be critical to the performance of your home network. We’d strongly recommend reading our WiFi woes guide which highlights key areas for optimising your home network. You might be surprised by what might impact your home WiFi service and how simple it can be to fix. For more information on locating your router in an optimal place within your home, correctly configuring your router and using WiFi extender kits or homeplugs view our guide here.

▼ Fibre Broadband Availability & Speed

Fibre is currently rolling out around the Isle of Man and is already available to over 25% of households. To confirm if fibre broadband is available to your property, simply call our customer experience team on 624624 and they’ll be able to tell you over the phone if you can be connected.

A Manx Telecom line is required for all copper delivered broadband services.