Up to 16Mbps downstream and up to 832Kbps upstream - ADSL2+ Standard Broadband - entry level broadband service, with capped and unlimited options available..

ADSL2+ Standard Broadband Costs

Package Monthly Rental Cap Release
ADSL2+ Standard Broadband Unlimited £27.00 n/a
ADSL2+ Standard Broadband Capped 150GB £26.00 £9.50
ADSL2+ Standard Broadband Capped 40GB £23.00 £13.00
ADSL2+ Standard Broadband Capped 15GB £20.00 £16.50

Multi-Service Discount

A multi-service discount of £4.00 per month off the broadband rental applies when you have your Manx Telecom Pay Monthly Mobile, broadband and fixed line on the same account.

Cap Release

Cap Release charge applies if you reach your monthly data allowance and require unrestricted access for the remainder of the month.


ADSL2+ Standard Broadband is available Island-wide with 100% coverage. A Manx Telecom line is required.

Installation & Equipment

ADSL2+ Standard Broadband is a Wires-Only service. Connection, pre-configured router and plug-in filters are included.

Service Care Levels

ADSL2+ Standard Broadband comes with Service Care Level 4 which can be upgraded to Service Care Level 2. Level 2 provides a priority fault resolution service.

Service Care Level 2 Service Care Level 4
Faults cleared by 5pm on the next working day following report Faults cleared by midnight 5 working days after the day reported
Operates between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday including IOM Public Holidays Operates between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday excluding IOM Public Holidays
Chargeable out of hours engineering attendance available upon request Out of hours engineering attendance not available

Service Care Level 2 costs £3.30 extra per month on your ADSL2+ Standard Broadband rental.  Fixed line rental also needs to be upgraded to the same service care option. More details about the different service care levels are available here.


ADSL2+ Standard Broadband Features
Download speeds up to 16Mbps tick 24px
Upload speeds up to 832Kbps tick 24px
No time limits on surfing tick 24px
Unlimited @manx.net Email Addresses tick 24px
Free Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Email Filtering tick 24px
Dynamic IP Addressing  tick 24px
Extensive Online Support tick 24px
No engineering visit - wires-only easy self install tick 24px

Further Information

Prices include VAT
Connection and router included
24 months minimum term
Non-Interleaving option available on ADSL2+ Standard Broadband Unlimited
ADSL2+ Standard Broadband is available to customes on Choice, Standard Choice, Island Choice and Global Choice tariffs only
The actual speeds achieved are dependent on many factors including the telephone line distance and cannot be guaranteed
Manx Telecom line is required