All and email addresses benefit from the following features:

  • 20GB mailbox storage limit
  • Global IMAP access - download your emails via Outlook or a similar program, regardless of your ISP
  • Global Access to Webmail - access your email from any computer via the website.
  • Webmail features - feature rich Webmail including Calendar and Tasks functions and the abillity to auto-forward to another address.


Customer TypeCost per month (inc VAT)
Manx Telecom Internet Access Subscriber 96p
Non-Manx Telecom Internet Access Subscriber £3.50 email addresses are only available to Manx Telecom fixed line or Pay Monthly mobile customers.

How to Order

Simply fill out the online sign up form on the website.

New email platform

In April 2017 we installed a new email platform to serve, and addresses. Please click here if you need help with the new platform.