Mail Plus is an optional enhancement available to email accounts.

  • Increased mailbox storage of 20GB (normally 5GB).
  • Global IMAP access - download your emails via Outlook or a similar program, regardless of your ISP.
  • Enhanced Webmail functionality featuring a Calendar and Tasks tools and the ability to auto-forward emails to another address.


Customer TypeCost per month (inc VAT)
Manx Telecom Internet Access Subscriber 96p
Non-Manx Telecom Internet Access Subscriber £3.50

Manxnet Mail Plus is only available to Manx Telecom fixed line or Pay Monthly customers.

How to Order

When completing the registration form you can sign up for Mail Plus by entering your Manx Telecom account number and a recent Bill Number. Existing email customer wishing to upgrade please contact our Sales team on 624624 or email with your email address, home telephone number and daytime contact number.

How to access your email

You can login to your Webmail account by entering your full email address and password into the login box on this page. You can also use an email programe such as Outlook or Mac Mail or a mobile phone or tablet to send and receive your email. See our Support section for more information on how to do this.

New email platform

In April 2017 we installed a new email platform to serve, and addresses. Please click here if you need help with the new platform.