Extraordinary TV for everyone. The easy to use TV service with a huge range of channels and seven day catch up on BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5, subscription free.

How does it work?

Simply connect your YouView box to a TV, aerial and Broadband switch on.

Connect to your Broadband

With YouView, your Broadband connection opens up a whole world of great TV, including 7 day catch up from BBC iPlayer, 4OD, ITV Player and Demand 5 as well as on demand programmes.

Your broadband connection also allows you to search through thousands of shows and keeps your YouView box up to date.

Watching on demand and catch up programmes will count towards any monthly data limits you may have.

Connect to your aerial

YouView connects to your aerial socket, bringing you a huge range of digital channels to watch, record, pause and rewind.

The number of channels you will receive is defined by the Digital TV coverage in your area and cannot be guaranteed.

Simply connect your existing aerial cable to the aerial connection on the back of your YouView box then connect your box to the TV with the supplied HDMI cable.

How to order YouView

The YouView set top box is available for £299.00 inc VAT from the Manx Telecom store in Strand Street, Douglas or via our online shop.

For more information about YouView please visit http://www.youview.com.