ScrollBack TV

The seven day ScrollBack guide brings together a whole week of catch up from across BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, and Demand 5.

It can be difficult to watch catch up TV on a laptop or computer so YouView have put catch up right where it should be, on your TV. Simply scroll back up to seven days through the guide and select your favourite show.

On Demand

YouView has a library of on-demand programmes, series, films and radio.

Looking for some inspiration or a particular type of programme? Explore the on demand library to find a recent film or that classic episode you love watching again and again.


Search a galaxy of content using your remote control.

You can search for shows and films using a normal remote control. It's super speedy and easy to use. 

YouView App

Check listings and record programmes on the move.

You can now download the official YouView app on your Apple or Android device. Check the next 7 days listings and set programmes to record from your phone or tablet.

Record, pause & rewind TV

Two of your favourite programmes on at the same time? With YouView you can record one show while watching another, or two while you're watching a third from the on demand library or MyView.

Phone ringing? Missed a bit? Pause the programme you're watching or rewind to watch again.

High Definition

Extraordinary TV in HD

Brighter, sharper pictures with sound. YouView supports full HD. On Demand and catch up programmes are also in HD, and if you record something in HD, you can watch it back in HD.

Free TV

All your favourite TV channels plus 7 day catch up and on demand for free.


Don't miss the start of that exciting new TV drama. Set a reminder at the touch of a button

Parental Control

Parental Controls give you the flexibility to tailor the programmes that appear in On Demand.

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