What is 4G?

4G is the latest fourth generation of mobile technology providing superfast mobile broadband and is up to 10 times faster than 3G. 4G provides a better user experience allowing you to download movies, stream live HD TV and play games, faster than ever before. But it doesn’t just mean faster mobile broadband, Manx Telecom also upgraded its 2G and 3G networks which means improved signal for when you want to make calls or send texts.

Who can get access to 4G?

At no extra cost, Manx Telecom Pay Monthly smartphone tariff and Pay As You Go customers with a 4G handset and SIM are able to access 4G. Our 4G network covers 99% of the Island’s population. You will need a 4G handset and SIM to be able to access our superfast 4G network - you can find out what to do by entering your mobile number here.

Where will I be able to use 4G?

Our 4G network covers 99% of the Island’s population and geographic area – that’s way ahead of our licence commitment to deliver a minimum of 33% coverage at launch, and 95% coverage two years after launch.

Is 4G on Pay As You Go more expensive than 3G?

No, users will be able to access 4G data as part of their free data allowance and using their credit in the same way as 2G & 3G data and at the same rates.

How do I keep track of how much Data I am using?

There are different ways for each type of handset some are detailed below:

Apple Device

Settings > Cellular/Mobile > and your data will be displayed in the Cellular Data Usage (current period).

Windows Device

Data Sense > Settings > Set limits > Select monthly or One time > Enter the Data amount you get on your plan.

Android Device

Setting > Data usage > Select data usage cycle (change the date to the start of your plan) > Select set mobile data limit > Adjust the limit to your allowance. Alternatively you can download an application from the Play store to monitor this.

Why is my handset using more data whilst my use hasn't changed? 

Although you are doing the same things, due to the high speed of 4G certain video applications such as YouTube will now play the video by default in HD which will use more data, you can change these settings to only play HD when in a Wi-Fi area. Although it’s great to check your speed do be careful with Apps such as Speedtest because these can use 100MB+ so make sure you have adequate data allowance before running one.

Is using a speed test on 2G/3G the same as on 4G?

No, speed test applications will use a lot more data if a test is run on 4G rather than 2G/3G and as a result, consume a lot more of your free data allowance/credit for Pay As You Go or free data allowance/charges for Pay Monthly. This is because these types of tests run download/upload sessions for a set amount of time irrespective of the bandwidth that is available, meaning that tests when run on 4G can use more than 100MB is some cases.

Does 4G bring any improvement to 2G and 3G mobile services?

Yes, 2G and 3G voice and data services and coverage have been upgraded meaning improved call completions, better 'handover’ (ie, switching from 2G to 3G or vice versa) if you are moving between cells, wider network availability and faster data speeds. However, if you live in an area that has always had poor 2G signal, the improvement may be marginal.

Does it mean stronger signal in my house?

The new network is available in more areas around the island than in the past which should mean extended range and better indoor coverage. If you were able to access 2G indoors in the past for voice but struggled to access 3G mobile broadband, you should find that your 3G coverage has improved indoors and you can also access 4G. However it’s worth also mentioning that your mobile reception will also be affected by several other factors such as distance from the nearest mobile cell site, the number of customers connected to that cell at that time and the construction of the building from within which the mobile is being used.

How do I know if my handset/tariff/SIM is 4G Ready?

If you have renewed your mobile contract with Manx Telecom since November 2013 or you are on Pay As You Go there is a good chance you have a 4G ready tariff.  to check. We have thousands of customers using different handsets and with various SIM cards and tariffs, so we’ve set up an online service at www.manxtelecom.com/4g to make it quick and easy to check.

I have a 4G ready handset, a Smartphone tariff and the correct SIM, why can I not still access 4G?

You may need to check that your phone has the latest version of software available and that 4G is enabled in the phone settings. More information can be found on our 4G area of the website www.manxtelecom.com/4ghandsets

What’s the difference between the names LTE and 4G?

The short answer is, nothing. 4G is often referred to as LTE which stands for 'Long Term Evolution’. Different handset manufacturers refer to both terms on their devices and you could have both '4G’ and 'LTE' on your screen and in menu settings.

When I make/receive a call why does my 4G disconnect?

Manx Telecom’s 4G is a mobile data service only so when you need to make/receive a call or send/receive an SMS message, you will fall back onto our 2G (Edge) or 3G (HSDPA+) network. Once you have finished the call, your handset will reconnect to 4G.

Why does my handset display 'E’?

You may have noticed an 'E’ symbol now appears on your device from time to time, this stands for 2G EDGE and will provide you with a faster data connection on 2G than the old 2G GPRS service and isn’t to be confused with 'Emergency Calls Only’. 3G will appear on your handsets as '3G’, 'H’ or 'H+’ while '4G’ or 'LTE’ will appear when you are connected to Manx Telecom’s 4G.

Why is my handset staying on 2G/3G and not connecting to 4G?

This can happen on some handsets if you have an active data session running (YouTube, Facebook, iPlayer etc) you will need to come out of the application for a short period of time and allow the handset to go into idle mode, this then should reconnect to the 4G network.

I recently renewed my contract and have a 3G handset what are my options?

If you purchased a 3G handset when renewing on a Pay Monthly smartphone tariff recently, you can benefit from of our Trade-In Scheme to upgrade to a 4G ready handset in order to access 4G. You can find out more about the scheme in store or by going to our website www.manxtelecom.com/tradein

Can I renew my contract early in order to access 4G?

If you are still within contract and have a 4G Ready handset but are not on a Pay Monthly Smartphone tariff, you can move to an equivalent Pay Monthly smartphone tariff that has a monthly rental charge that is equal to or higher than your current contracted tariff.  You will need to extend your contract by 12, 18 or 24 months whichever is the closest (but not shorter) to the time that is left to run on your current contract.

Will my current mobile broadband SIM/Dongle be able to connect to 4G?

No, mobile broadband customers who wish to use 4G mobile broadband using a Dongle or SIM in a tablet will have to upgrade their mobile broadband tariff and get a 4G Dongle. You can find information about our new Manx Telecom’s 4G mobile broadband tariffs here.

When will I be able to use 4G when roaming?

We will announce details of 4G roaming when available.

If 4G is that good, does it mean I won’t need a landline to receive broadband?

We see our 4G service as a complement to our fixed line high-speed broadband services. The quality of reception from a mobile phone can depend on a whole host of variable factors, including the amount of customers connecting to the service at a particular location or the construction of the building from within which the mobile connection is being used.

Will using 4G decrease my battery more than 3G?

When it comes to downloading files, playing games or streaming video on a 4G phone, you may find that battery life is impacted because you might start using your phone more due to the better experience available with 4G. 4G phones are generally quite well optimised but this varies from handset to handset because battery sizes vary.

How much did it cost to create Manx Telecom’s 4G network?

We are investing £10million in our 4G network over 3 years and have selected the best supplier and the most advanced solution, which offers the flexibility we require to ensure that we can continue to offer our customers a world class service. You can rest assured that we will continue to provide the Island’s best mobile data speeds and coverage, just as you have come to expect and enjoy with Manx Telecom’s leading 3G service.

Will there be more base stations and masts?

Not as part of the initial 4G deployment but we are working to add new sites. 4G to date, has been deployed using our existing mobile base stations, so there were no new cell sites. Our investment in 4G infrastructure also meant improvements to our 2G and 3G networks with the installation of the latest generation technology which has improved performance across the entire mobile network.

Since the launch of 4G, why has my Freeview has stopped working?

If you have noticed an issue with your Freeview since the launch of 4G please contact Manx Telecom on 624 624 so we can investigate this for you.

What frequency does Manx Telecom 4G use?

We have deployed both the 800MHz and 1800MHz spectrum bands allocated to Manx Telecom by the Isle of Man’s Communication Commission on our 4G network.