Manx Telecom is able to offer Fixed IP addressing for Pay Monthly 3G Mobile Data SIM Cards allowing advanced data connectivity applications over the Manx Telecom Mobile Network.

Who is it for?

Mobile Fixed IP is available as a bolt-on for Pay Monthly customers, both consumer and corporate, who require a Fixed IP address to allow you to directly contact or individually identify a GSM connected device over the Internet.

Do I need Mobile Fixed IP?

If you only need to access the Internet via your mobile device then the chances are you do not need a Fixed IP address but if you need to directly connect to a device to remotely change settings, for example, or allow a remote worker access in to your Local Area Network then you may need Mobile Fixed IP.

How many Fixed IP addresses can I have?

There can only be one Fixed IP per mobile SIM card. Mobile Fixed IP is suitable if you need less than 5 addresses. If you require more than 5 IP addresses please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Mobile Fixed IPCost
Connection Charge £40.00
Monthly Rental per SIM £10.00

Costs exclude VAT


Mobile Fixed IP is not available on the following services:

  • Mobile Broadband 4G - 1000GB
  • Mobile Broadband 4G - 200GB

How do I order?

Contact our Sales team on 624 624 during office hours to discuss your requirements.