Trade in your old phone now and save £££’s

It couldn’t be simpler, just follow 4 easy steps:

1. Back up the data on your old phone

2. Pop in to our shop on Strand Street with your old phone

3. Choose a new phone

4. We’ll assess your old phone and tell you how much you can save on your new one!

As long as your old phone is in good working order, then there are savings to be had. Here is a guide to the standard of condition we are looking for:

• Turns on and off (with all buttons working)

• Be fully functional* (cosmetic wear and tear is acceptable)

• Have a working touch screen** (without cracks or damage)

• Have a fully working operating system and security locks disabled (software)

• Include its battery (You can keep memory card, charger etc)

• No water damage (water indicators must not be red)

*All features such as making calls, wi-fi, camera, video, etc must work

**Applies to touch screen phones and devices only.

How does it work?

The Trade-in Value of the mobile hand-set can only be applied against:

a) The up-front price of a new mobile hand-set on contract or any purchase of a mobile device or goods in-store

b) The early termination rental charge if you are still in contract and want to renew early

c) Manx Telecom store vouchers

The Trade-in Value cannot be used for payment or the settlement of accounts for fixed, mobile or Internet services.
The device should be able to attach to the MT network & any security locks should be disabled.
A maximum of two devices can be traded for each transaction.
Trade-ins cannot be redeemed online and can only be provided in-store.

The Trade-in Value of a device cannot be redeemed for cash, no cash refund will be provided if the Trade-in Value exceeds the up-front cost, a store credit will be provided instead.

Customers should remove the SIM card, any memory card from their device and backup their personal data from the device before coming to store (or else we can do this as a tech-bench chargeable service). We will not be liable for lost data.

Faulty devices may be accepted but will receive a much lesser value if they meet the following criteria:

• Include its battery (you can keep memory card, charger, etc)

• Be intact - not crushed or snapped in half

• Not have any missing parts or components

Faulty examples include : Water damage, Broken/bleeding LCD (screen), blank display, no power up, faulty/cracked touch screen, faulty operating system.

We retain the right to not offer a Trade-in Value or refuse to accept a device if it does not meet the terms and conditions.