You can use Manxnet Mail webmail on any computer that is connected to the Internet.

Webmail enables you to send, receive and store emails just like you would if you were using email software.

To login:

  • Go to https://mail.manx.net/webmail/ and enter your username and your password. Your username is the first part of your email address so enter this without the @manx.net extension into the username box. Please remember that passwords are case sensitive.
  • Click on Sign In and you should then gain access your to webmail account.

If you are redirected back to the Manxnet home page then there is an error with your username and/or password. Please try again, taking care to enter the details correctly.

To check if there are any known issue with your browser and Manxnet Mail email using webmail please see our supported browsers page.

Webmail Timeout

If you leave your Internet Browser open on the Manxnet webmail, or if you are composing a long email, there is the possibility that your webmail session will timeout due to inactivity. This is a security feature we have installed to protect your email account if you ever forget to log out, for example, when using a public computer.

The Manxnet webmail timeout is currently set to 45 minutes, however, Webmail will automatically save a draft of messages you are composing every one minute by default.

Further Webmail help

When you are logged in to Manxnet webmail there is a comprehensive Help section that can address questions you may have regarding features and functionality.

Mailbox full

If you receive notification that you have reached capacity on your email account it may be worth deleting unneeded emails ie Trash, particularly those with large attachments. You can sort your emails by size when in webmail by clicking on the arrow alongside Size. You can sort them into ascending or descending size accordingly.

Alternatively we have an enhanced mail product, Mail Plus, increases you mail account size from 5GB up to 20GB. There is a small monthly charge for this service. Please see our Manxnet Mail Plus page for more information.

Email Software

As an alternative to webmail you can configure your computer's email software, ie MAC Mail, Thunderbird or your tablet or smartphone, to download your emails.  See our Email Configuration Guide page for more information.

When using email software you are not constrained by the Webmail timeout.

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