Getting Started

Getting Started

A Manx Telecom line is required for Broadband services.

Fast, UltraFast & SuperFast Broadband

When you place your Fast, UltraFast or SuperFast Broadband order we will arrange a suitable time for a Manx Telecom engineer to visit your property to install the service. Our engineer will convert an existing socket and install the pre-configured router which we will post out to you.

Upgrades from Fast, UltraFast and SuperFast Broadband do not require an engineering visit to the change the socket.


After you place your order you will receive two filters and your username and password. You should also purchase a router from your preferred computer supplier. Manx Telecom sell these via our Online Shop.

Our engineers will contact you once Broadband has been enabled on your line.

You should plug in filters to every telephone socket that is in use and then install your modem or router.

You should always follow the manufacturers instructions for installing your Broadband modem or router.

Please see the Setting Up Your Router page for further information.

Broadband orders can take up to 10 days to complete.

Please see our engineering appointment guide for further information about your engineering visit.