How do I register for text 2 top-ups?

You can register using the online top-up page by ticking the text 2 top up box or go directly to myMT by clicking here and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to myMT

Step 2: Click on the 'PayGo top-ups’ tab

Step 3: Click on '+ Add New Top-up Arrangement'

Step 4: Enter your 6 digit pay as you go mobile number and confirm the number

Step 5: Tick the Text 2 Top-up box

Step 6: Enter your payment card details

Step 7: Click on the 'Add Top-up Configuration’.

You are now set up for Simply PayGo text 2 top-ups. It may be helpful to save the top-up number 1248 in your contacts as 'MT Top-ups’ to save you having to type in the number every time.

Once registered how do I use the text 2 top-up service?

Open your SMS, enter the amount you wish to top up and send.

What kind of top ups are available with text 2 top-up?

Text 2 top-up uses Simply PayGo top ups, that's the same type as you can buy through all our channels.

How much does it cost to text 2 top-up?

It is free to text 2 top-up. 

How do I use text 2 top-up while roaming?

You text 2 top-up in the same way as if you were at home. Text the amount you wish to top-up and send to 1248. This is also free. 

Can I top up other pay as you go phones?

Currently you can only top-up the phone from where the text originated. 

How much can I top up by?

You can top up by £5, £10, £15 or £20 in any one day. You can only top-up once per day. 

How soon will the credit be applied to my phone?

Once the request has been made for a top-up, the credit is normally applied almost immediately. 

How do I know if my top-up has been successful?

You will be sent a text to confirm if your top-up has been successful.

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