Data Roaming

Fantastic news for all Manx Telecom travellers!

We have slashed the cost of using roaming data for all of our customers, including all Pay Monthly and Pay as You Go, with up to 90% reductions in global destinations. 

Please refer to our Roaming Charges page for more information.

  • When you use your Manx Telecom mobile phone or device on the Isle of Man, you are using the Manx Telecom network; your home network. If you use your phone or device to make calls, send texts or use data in other places, you are utilising a different network; this is called roaming.
  • Generally roaming charges are higher than home network charges. The charges levied by different network operators vary significantly, however Manx Telecom, wherever possible, quote roaming prices based on the area, or zone, you’re visiting rather than individual operator charges. Unlike a call or text, using mobile data is different, as most people are unaware of the amount of data they use.  We've introduced a text alert service for data usage.  You can find out more about this by clicking here
  • Remember, when roaming you are charged to receive an incoming call when outside the UK, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and EU. To avoid these charges, divert your mobile to voicemail so you can choose when and where to retrieve your voice messages.
  • Manx Telecom has roaming agreements in over 170 destinations around the world enabling customers to make and receive voice calls and texts when roaming outside of their home network. We also have mobile data agreements with over 200 operators world-wide ensuring that you can access the internet and email almost anywhere.
  • Mobile phone users do have a responsibility to ensure that they know what their phone is doing and to be aware of the charges they are incurring. We are here to help and if the need arises, you can chat to one of our experts to advise you further.

Before You Travel

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, roaming charges are NOT included in any Pay Monthly allowances or bolt-ons, so make yourself aware of call, text and data charges for your destination before you travel.

  • Check there is a roaming agreement with your destination and which operators’ networks are available.
  • Match which Manx Telecom roaming zone your destination falls into and check the charges for making a call, receiving a call, sending a text and data usage.
  • Check your mobile phone’s e-mail settings, as a phone or device automatically checking for e-mail could inadvertently run up a large bill quickly.
  • Be aware of any activity that may use large amounts of data eg, gaming, viewing video and downloading software updates.
  • Make sure automatic updates and applications that synchronise via the web are switched off. (For details on how to do this please refer to phone or device manufacturer’s website or refer to the Data section on our website, contact our Helpdesk on 624624 or call into our Strand shop for a quick demonstration.)

During Your Trip

  • Be aware of your data usage.  We will notify you with a text alert when you start using data and at regular intervals.  Click here for more information about these alerts.   
  • Use Wi-Fi networks where possible. Most major airports and hotels now have Wi-Fi availability. Make yourself familiar with the settings on your phone and ensure you are connected via Wi-Fi before use.