Data Roaming Alerts

We provide a free automatic Text Alert service for all our Pay Monthly customers when they use mobile data while roaming.

This service automatically sends a text message when mobile data is used at certain trigger points. The Text Alerts are sent to the number using mobile data.  Roaming Data Alerts complement our Text Alert service for mobile data use whilst on our network, details can be found here.

To assist in explaining the service further we have compiled some questions and answers:

Why did we introduce this service?

Access to email and the Internet via your mobile is now common place and more and more customers want to use these services while roaming off the Island. We want our customers to feel comfortable with using mobile data without the fear of running up a large bill. With today’s Smart phones and mobile devices we understand that it can be difficult to keep track of how much mobile data you are using when roaming. Roaming Text Alerts help customers know when they have accessed mobile data and ongoing use.

Do I have to sign-up to the service?

No. All pay monthly customer numbers will automatically receive Roaming Text Alert messages.

Will I be charged for the Roaming Text Alerts?

No. The service is completely free for all our Pay Monthly customers.

When will I get Roaming Text Alerts?

You will only get Roaming Text Alerts when you are roaming and you are using mobile data. The Roaming Text Alerts will be sent to the mobile number that is accessing mobile data. You will also receive Text Alerts when using mobile data on the Isle of Man, more information on this service can be found here.

What will the Roaming Text Alerts say?

Customers with a spend cap on new smartroam tariffs will receive the following alerts;
• You have used £5.00 of chargeable roaming data. Manx Telecom
• You have used £25.00 of chargeable roaming data. Manx Telecom
• You have reached your roaming data spend cap. Please call +44 1624 624624 if you want to remove the cap and continue using roaming data. Manx Telecom

Customers without a spend cap will receive the following messages when they go outside of their allowance;
• You have used £5.00 of chargeable roaming data. Manx Telecom
• You have used £50.00 of chargeable roaming data. Manx Telecom
• You have used £100.00 of chargeable roaming data. Please call +44 1624 624624 if you want to disable roaming data. This is the final alert. Manx Telecom

Customers will receive the following alerts for usage within their allowance;
• You have used 50% of your inclusive roaming data allowance. Manx Telecom
• You have used 90% of your inclusive roaming data allowance. Manx Telecom
• You have used all of your inclusive roaming data allowance. You will now be charged at standard roaming rates. Manx Telecom

Where can I find out more information about data roaming charges?

 Please refer to Roaming Charges page for more information.

Is it possible to cap my roaming charges?

Smartroam and Smartphone Islander Pay Monthly customers have the option to add or remove a monthly data roaming spend cap. This is applied as a default option and is set at £50. You will receive text notifications to inform you at £5 spend, £25 spend and when the cap has been reached. If you want to remove this spend cap, you have the option to do so by calling one of our Customer Experience Advisers on 624624. Alternatively, if you want to completely bar data roaming, this can also be requested.

I make regular trips off-Island, how will this affect the Roaming Text Alerts?

When you travel abroad, your phone will recognise that you are connected to a foreign network and alerts will start to be triggered to inform you of your data usage. You should continue to keep track of your data usage each time you travel and independently of receiving text alerts, as this is an advisory service only and you are responsible for monitoring your own usage.

I intend to visit a number of countries and use mobile data, how will this affect the Roaming Text Alerts?

The Roaming Text Alerts are based on the total value of mobile data used, and the price per Mega Byte will vary according to your roaming destination. You should be aware of the price charged per Mega Byte for the countries you intend to visit before you travel.

Can I reply to a Roaming Text Alert?

Yes, however please be aware that standard roaming charges apply. We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

Will the Roaming Text Alerts match my monthly bill?

The Roaming Text Alerts are indicative only. For many reasons Roaming Text Alert information may not match your bill for the same period, for example, there may be a delay in receiving billing records from foreign operators. If there is a discrepancy between our billing records and Roaming Text Alerts the former will always take precedence, no correspondence will be entered in to.

I use a dongle (USB modem) or other mobile device that isn’t set up to receive text messages?

You should be aware of mobile data roaming charges before using your device off-Island. When we register high monthly usage by a dongle or similar device we will endeavour to use alternate contact details within your Manx Telecom account to notify you, however contact cannot be guaranteed. If in doubt, you should contact our Customer Accounts team on 624624 before you travel.

I have a number of mobiles in a single Manx Telecom account, will these numbers be treated separately?

Yes, the Roaming Text Alert service relates to individual mobile numbers regardless of how many numbers maybe in your Manx Telecom account.

What if I don’t receive the Roaming Text Alerts?

If, for whatever reason, you do not receive the Roaming Text Alert messages you are still liable for all roaming data charges incurred. If you believe you should be receiving Roaming Text Alerts and you aren’t, please contact our Service Centre on 624624 as soon as possible.

Can I opt out of the service?

Yes. Please contact our Customer Accounts team on 624 624. By waiving our Roaming Text Alert service you will be asked to sign an understanding that you will be liable for any future mobile data charges incurred while roaming from your number(s).

Is the service available for Pay As You Go customers?

No. Pay As You Go customers can check their account balance at any time by pressing *#143#

I like the Roaming Text Alerts but would like to change certain parameters?

Any feedback on the Roaming Text Alert service would be gratefully received and will feed into our development program. Please contact us with your comments/suggestions.