It’s Our Community Charter

It’s Our Community exists to inspire us all to make a positive change to the communities in which we live.

Awards should be for the benefit of the community or to build community spirit.

If your idea is any of the following:

  • a physical improvement that you can touch.
  • likely to make real, tangible results that you can see.
  • demonstrates fresh, bold thinking and is innovative enough to inspire others.

Why not apply and see what you can do?

On the other hand, if your idea is any of the following:

  • to top up existing funds
  • a one-off project which may not have lasting impact
  • aligned with political or religious organisations
  • to raise money for third-party giving organisation
  • for a project outside the Isle of Man
  • on private property or land
  • aimed at supporting an individual
  • a school project which supports the national curriculum but does not involve the wider community
  • to host a fundraising event
  • to sponsor community events, such as fetes, festivals or recreational clubs

...then It’s Our Community may not be the right scheme for you.

It’s Our Community Categories

Below are some examples of the types of projects we help out with. We’ve found they fall naturally into three main groups. But obviously this list isn’t exhaustive, and we’re open to new, groundbreaking suggestions outside these four areas.

Community Places

Improving the places communities share Revitalising and reinvigorating our community spaces. Maybe you need new swings for your local playground, a better roof for your sports pavilion? Or a lick of paint for your community centre? Either way there’s lots to improve, have a think.

Community Pride

Tackling issues head on and restoring a sense of pride. Helping put the pride back into our community. What changes can you make to help make your community proud? From litter pick-ups, to park makeovers, to graffiti removal, to restoring paths or renovating historical buildings; there’s lots to be done to smarten up your town or village.

Community Landscape

Improving communities natural environments Improving the natural environments where we live. Creating community gardens, planting trees, improving public access to river-banks, or building bridges. The sky’s the limit - it’s your landscape and you can change it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Manx Telecom launch this scheme? 

Manx Telecom wants to contribute to the development and sustainability of society, by enabling its customers, local people and employees to make a difference. The big idea behind the It’s Our Community programme is this: if you could do one small thing to make your community a better place, what would it be? By enabling small groups to make a difference across the Island we’re hoping that the collective impact will be much greater. In other words, it all adds up.

Who runs the It’s Our Community programme?

It’s Our Community is assessed and judged by a panel of judges, including representatives from Manx Telecom.

When are applications open until?

Applications for the 2023 It's Our Community Awards have now closed. We will re-open for applications from September 2024.

When will applications be judged?

2023 applications are being judged and the successful applicants will be notified shortly.

Application Process

Can individuals apply?

Yes, but you must be able to demonstrate how it will involve others and benefit the community.

Is there an age limit for people applying?

Young people under the age of 18 can apply, but you must have the written consent of a parent/carer or endorsement from a charity or recognised community organisation.

Do you have to be a registered charity to apply?

No - you don’t need to have a constitution or be part of a registered charity. You just need to be part of a community. If you’re an organisation, we do need it to be a not-for-profit or an amenity group, in order for you to be eligible for an award. In certain cases we might need to ask for additional information, just to make sure we’re happy with the quality of the application and how eligible you are.

When will we find out if we’ve been accepted?

The successful applicants will be informed via email by the It’s Our Community team. 

Is it possible to submit more than one application?

Individuals or groups may make numerous applications provided they are for different projects. Multiple applications for the same project will not be considered.

Will It’s Our Community fund large projects and will it ‘match fund’?

It’s Our Community funding is limited to applications wishing to receive a minimum of £100 and a maximum of £1,000, but is not designed to provide top-up funding for larger projects. Applications for match funding will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Will It’s Our Community pay for any necessary professional fees e.g. consultancy work?

While It’s Our Community realises that professional input can sometimes be necessary when you’re trying to make a change happen, these awards are designed for people who want to take things into their own hands, and make tangible changes themselves.