Helping broadband and mobile users stay connected

We've just launched a new range of Fibre broadband tariffs that include full Fibre installation and Wi-Fi support and optimisation, a supported router and Wi-Fi extender are included to give you our best ever Wi-Fi. Check out our latest Fibre Broadband plans here.

As families work and learn at home, here are some practical tips to get the most from your connections.  We are working to structure a national information campaign, to help broadband and mobile users get the most from their connections as thousands of Manx families work, play and learn at home.

Quick tips for boosting WiFi performance

  1. Place your router in the optimal position in your property
    Hiding your router out of sight, alongside other electrical devices or placing it beside a load-bearing wall will reduce your WiFi signal.
  2. Use HomePlugs to increase your in-home WiFi coverage
    If you can’t re-position your router, then extend your coverage using your mains electricity circuit and Wifi extenders.
  3. Use ethernet cables if possible
    While not always convenient, plugging a device directly into your router will cut out interference - giving you improved reliabilty and speed.
  4. Upgrade your router regularly
    Your ISP will usually provide a router - each time you renew your contract (usually every 24 months) take the opportunity to upgrade your router.
  5. Always keep your router software up to date.
    Just as with any operating system or software, ensuring you are on the latest version will improve performance and security.
  6. Avoid WiFi interference from neighbouring networks
    Choose the right channel for your WiFi network with tools like You can scan your wireless environment and check to ensure you have the best channel, reducing interference from neighboring networks.
  7. Don’t stream on all of your devices at once
    If all of your devices are streaming content at once, you’ll soon find that your speed will slow down significantly - disconnect devices that you’re not using. The total bandwidth of WiFi is shared between all the devices. So a WiFi network with 2 devices would seem faster than one with 4 (if all other conditions remained the same).
  8. Avoid peak times if you can
    When you, your family and everyone else are using the internet at the same time, there’s likely going to be some slow down!
  9. Upgrade your broadband speed
    Make sure you are on the right broadband plan for your households needs. Upgrading will improve speeds delivered to your home but will not change your WiFi coverage. If Fibre-to-the-Premises broadband is available in your area, speak to Manx Telecom about upgrading.
  10. Plug your router directly into your main phone socket
    Where possible, try not to use a telephone extension lead, as these can cause interference which could lower your speed. If you have to use an extension lead, use a new, high-quality cable with the shortest possible length. Tangled and coiled cables can also affect speeds. So can interference from your phone line, so try plugging ‘microfilters’ into every phone socket in your home. They look like little white boxes and split the phone and broadband signals so that they don't affect each other. Different providers have varying setups in the home, so always check their website before unplugging any cables.
  11. Protect your WiFi with a strong password to prevent hijacking
    Prevent others from accessing and using your WiFi by applying a strong password.
  12. Test the speed on your broadband line
    Find out what speed you’re actually getting. You can run a speed test using If possible, carry out tests over a few days and at different times of day. A number of in-home factors can affect WIFI speeds, so look at our Wi-Fi Woes guide for tips on improving your WIFI signal around the home.
  13. Get advice from us
    Then, if your connection isn’t working as well as it should, you can contact us for help, please be aware that, because of coronavirus, we may have fewer people to help with your queries immediately. Our team is all based on-island though and we are working tirelessly to reduce call waiting times. You can also contact us by calling 624624 or via our Facebook page