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Pay Monthly

Unlimited speeds on all tariffs, Save up to £8 per month when you buy a handset and pay monthly plan together and get up to 20GB inclusive roaming data.

Pay As You Go

Our Simply Pay As You Go deals give you the freedom and flexibility to top up whenever you like – including a FREE UK data roaming allowance when you choose our £10 and £20 options.

Free upgrade for travelling to the US.

If you’re travelling to the US you are going to need a free upgrade in order for voice calls and text messages to work. 2G and 3G networks have been switched off in the US meaning voice services will not work without an upgrade to your plan. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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Ready to make the switch? Let's get the ball rolling. Call in to our Strand Street shop or call our customer contact centre on 624624.

More value with Manx Telecom

Inclusive on-Island minutes

Inclusive on-Island minutes to IOM,  UK and Channel Island mobiles and fixed lines.*

Free calls

Calls are free to receive when you’re in UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and Zone 2 destinations.

Free on-Island voicemail.

Never miss a call from friends or family.

Groups Call Free

Groups Call Free plan available when two or more fixed line and/or mobile services are placed on the same bill giving you FREE calls between these numbers at ANY time on our network

Online management

Online bill viewing service, call analyser, free texts eBilling and more through myMT.

Free WiFi

Our customers enjoy unlimited access to the internet at cafes, coffee shops, pubs and other popular Island locations with Manx Telecom Free WiFi.