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Basalt Infrastructure Partners LLP (Basalt) is an independent infrastructure investment firm, with a transatlantic focus on mid-market infrastructure with a differentiated approach to deal sourcing. 


Our Team

rob gregor steven lowry jeff neil andy friend michael cowell

Rob Gregor

Managing Partner

Steven Lowry


Jeff Neil

New York

Andy Friend

Chairman of the 
Investment Committee

Michael Cowell

Chief Operating Officer

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Target Sectors

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Basalt focuses on the North American and European mid market infrastructure sectors of utility, energy and transportation. Basalt is seeking low volatility assets that are either in the operational phase or in late stage construction projects that when complete exhibit traditional infrastructure characteristics. Basalt investments typically exhibit the following characteristics:

Low volatilty; limited correlation with other asset classes
  • Operate on a largely uncorrelated cycle to other asset classes
  • Diversify even the most mature portfolio
Sustainable long-term, inflation-linked cash-flows
  • Predictable long-term cash flows; typically with medium to long term contracts
  • Stable, inflation linked revenues
  • Low market risk
High Operating Margins
  • Relatively low on-going variable operational and maintenance expenses
High barriers to entry
  • Capital intensive assets which limit the number of natural competitors
  • Strong operational experience needed to successfully manage assets
Provision of essential services
  • Foundation for basic, irreplaceable public services, sometimes regulated
  • Benefit from relatively inelastic demand
Opportunity for de-risking
  • Provide the scope for Basalt derisking of cash flows over hold period

For more information about Basalt Infrastructure Partners LLP (Basalt), visit their website at https://www.basaltinfra.com