Manx Telecom has the largest pool of skills and experience in telecoms, IT and related industries on the Island.  All our technicians and support services are based on the Isle of Man, and we offer world class support for our customers at a variety of service levels, including 24 hours a day, seven days a week, contact and support.

We are committed to offering and meeting rigorous and demanding Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to clients in every sector.  Our belief in the value of SLAs is total, and our commitment to them absolute.  We look after all managed service equipment to manufacturers’ warranty standards, hold dedicated hardware spares, and offer guaranteed fix times. 

Manx Telecom’s on and off-Island networks are monitored by our Network Operations Centre – the only facility of its kind on the Island – which provides 24/7/365 “real time” monitoring.  

Helpdesks are a key feature of our service offer.

  • Our general helpdesk caters for fixed line, mobile and broadband support 365 days a year – handling, on average, some 10,000 incoming and outbound support calls, plus an ever increasing volume of email, web and enquiries via social media channels every month. 
  • Our business helpdesk is a team of Manx Telecom staff managing service delivery for our larger corporate customers. The service covers everything from ordering equipment and arranging its installation, to dealing with repairs and resolving any technical problems which corporate customers report. 
  • At our in-store “Techbench” in Strand Street, Douglas, our customers can talk to an expert about broadband and mobile issues.