Our significant investment of £110million over the last 10 years in the Island’s telecommunications infrastructure has delivered tangible benefits for both consumers and businesses, some of which include . . .

Broadband. We provide 100% ADSL broadband coverage to all fixed lines on the Island,. VDSL (Very high Bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line) technology has allowed us to provide fixed line broadband download speeds of up to 40 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 2 Mbps to 91% of all fixed lines on the Island.  Manx Telecom’s total investment in VDSL has now surpassed £2.5m. Our VDSL Plus superfast fixed line broadband service is available to around 50% of homes and businesses  and delivers the fastest fixed line broadband on the Island, with speeds of up to 80 Megabits per second (Mbps) download and up to 10Mbps upload.

4G Mobile – We launched the Island’s first 4G service in the summer of 2014 and now provide high-speed mobile broadband to 99% of the Island’s population, at speeds up to ten times faster than 3G. Our 4G network received the accolade of ‘Best use of Technology’ in the prestigious Isle of Man Newspaper Awards for Excellence in November 2015. In early 2016, we began testing of superfast “4G Plus” services and launched 4G roaming for our customers.

Connectivity – We provide world-class private circuit and internet connectivity for customers, both on and off-island, a key part of the Global Solutions Infrastructure. Our high capacity Cisco-powered Multi-protocol Label Switching (‘MPLS’) off-island network is fully resilient, supplied via a 10Gbps backbone which connects the Isle of Man directly to London, just 12 milliseconds away.

Data hosting – Manx Telecom is the only on-island operator with two Tier 3 designed data centres (according to Telecommunications Industry Association Standards) which have security and resilience built into every part of their infrastructure. During 2015 we completed the development of the second phase of our Greenhill Data Centre. Services are provided to companies from a wide variety of eBusiness sectors, including eGovernment, eFinance, eMoney, eGaming, eMusic, and eTravel. Both data centres play a pivotal role in attracting more and more eBusinesses to the Island, as the momentum of the Isle of Man’s eEconomy continues to grow.