Published: 24/7/2023

Manx Telecom, leading telecoms provider on the Island, announces its latest step in promoting biodiversity with the installation of specially designed hedgehog ladders at the pond within its grounds.

Hedgehogs play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance but have suffered a substantial decline in recent years following an increase in urbanisation and subsequent habitat loss. As part of Manx Telecom Group’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, the telecoms provider is working alongside Manx Wildlife Trust to help safeguard local wildlife, with their latest initiative focusing on the hedgehog population.

The hedgehog ladders, which have been installed at the pondside area of Manx Telecom Headquarters, aim to provide a safe and accessible route for hedgehogs to access water sources. Previously, the shallow edges of the pond made it difficult for the hedgehogs to navigate them, but it is hoped that these new carefully crafted ladders, provided by MWT, offer the species a safer route to access water when they need it.

“We are delighted to introduce this hedgehog-friendly initiative at our headquarters,” said Sally Lawrence, member of the ESG Committee at Manx Telecom. “As a business that is deeply committed to environmental sustainability, it is crucial for us to take active steps in preserving local biodiversity. By installing hedgehog ladders, we hope to foster a safe environment that helps these charming creatures thrive within our community.”

In 2021, Manx Telecom Group set out its ESG roadmap, building on the Group’s vision to be a responsible employer and connecting their customers with great experiences, whilst caring for the community and the environment. This latest initiative follows a series of projects launched by Manx Telecom’s in-house ESG team and members of the Senior Management team, who are committed to delivering this vision.
Other initiatives have included the addition of six electric vehicles to its fleet, the installation of electric vehicle charging points at its headquarters, the construction of a pond to encourage local wildlife to thrive in the area and the planting of over 100 trees in partnership with MWT.