Published: 30/3/2023

Notice of Annual Inflationary Price Changes effective 1st May 2023

In light of ongoing, mounting global and national inflationary cost pressures it has become necessary to implement annual retail price index (RPI) linked price changes, effective from the 1st of May 2023, to the product areas listed below. We have resisted this change for as long as has been possible, maintaining our current consumer price index 12-month price change for Telephone services at minus 0.9% year on year.

Issued 1st April 2023 – inflationary adjustments to charges will apply from the 1st May 2023 to:

  • Fixed line services rentals, call charges and call setup charges
  • Live and legacy copper Broadband (xDSL) service rentals
  • Legacy mobile rentals and Smart 15GB tariff
  • Paper billing charges

The adjustment we will apply excluding VAT is 12.5%, this being the annual average Retail Price Index inflationary uplift for the year 2022 at 10% and as recorded by the Isle of Man Economic Affairs Division at plus an additional uplift of 2.5% to partially offset a further Manx Utilities increase in electricity charges announced in April 2023 -

Table 1 – Broadband Price Changes (all rates ex. VAT)

  • 12.5% increases will apply to all copper broadband rentals including enhanced Service Care Levels
  • Minimum contract term remains 24 months for all existing broadband services

Table 2, 3 & 4 – Fixed Line Price Changes (all rates ex. VAT)

  • Increase in the call set-up charges ex. VAT, rates to change from 20p to 22p
  • Increase in monthly line rental at an ex. VAT rate of 12.5% including enhanced Service Care Levels
  • Increase to call charge rates for calls to all destinations by an ex. VAT rate of 1p or 12.5% whichever is greater
    (see impacted tariff categories table 3)
  • Increase in the call set-up charge applies to all fixed line tariffs including when applied to Talk Over Fibre and
    SIP/VoIP products
  • Rental increases at an ex. VAT rate of 12.5% to the Intelligent Voice range of Hosted VoIP services

Table 5 – Other Price Changes (all rates ex. VAT)

  • Mobile out of bundle call, data and SMS charges to all zones will increase 12.5% ex. VAT
  • Smart 15GB mobile tariffs, also legacy mobile tariffs that are no longer available for new supply will increase
    by 12.5% ex. VAT
  • Paper billing charges increase by £0.50 to £3.00 ex. VAT, please note a free e-Bill option is available

General Exclusions

  • Operator, Directory Enquiry and Information Services (e.g. Speaking Clock) are not impacted
  • The UK operator portion of non-geographic fixed and usage-based services are not impacted
  • Low User Choice, our social inclusion tariff, is not impacted by the line rental change
  • Inclusive call periods are not impacted
  • Fibre Broadband service rental charges are not impacted
  • Router deferred payment charges are not impacted
  • Mobile rental charges for tariffs available for new supply and not listed below will not be impacted

Important Notice – Your Right to Cancel
You have the right to terminate the affected part of our agreement if we have made a change that materially disadvantages you. Please see our Consumer General Terms & Conditions, clause 39. If you are within your minimum term period and have a valid reason to terminate our agreement prior to the contract end date, you may do so without incurring an early termination charge for the provision of affected services. If this applies, you will be able to cancel your affected contract up to and including 31st July 2023. Charges will be backdated to 1st May 2023, the date on which the new rates applied.

If you have questions relating these changes, please contact our Customer Services team

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