Published: 4/12/2023

We’re changing how we present Fibre release dates.

From December 2023 we’ll be changing how we present Fibre release dates to customers. Previously, we have provided an estimated date for every property on our database. As the project moves into a new phase, this is no longer the most effective or realistic method for remaining properties.

For this reason, on the Fibre Lookup Tool, any properties where fibre is not currently available will just show as “To be planned”. This will mean that for some properties, where they had previously seen a date when they checked, they will now see the new message.

In this final phase, there are a number of areas around the Island that have several variables outside of our immediate control required to complete installation. These may vary any timescales given, including estimations provided to this date.


Why does my property no longer show a date for fibre availability?

We have now reached the later stages of our fibre roll out programme and many of the areas left require additional works through shared 3rd party infrastructure, our own infrastructure or in some cases will require additional planning permission. As the timeframes for the can be outside of our control, any dates provided would not be accurate and may be misleading.

Our team are committed to getting fibre rolled out as quickly as possible and are working with all relevant authorities to do this in the most efficient manner.

We appreciate that this might be frustrating for customers, particularly where a provisional date has originally been provided, but assure customers that we are doing our best to get fibre rolled out around the Island.

What has changed since the date was originally estimated for my property?

As the fibre roll out project has progressed, we have been able to understand the challenges faced in delivering fibre to some areas of the Island. This information was not fully available at the start and so it is prudent for us to update our records based on our current understanding. Due to the growing number of dependencies outside of our control that can impact the rollout in any particular area, a more flexible approach is required to deliver fibre to properties as quickly as possible.

Why were these issues not identified at the start?

There is no party to blame and this is all part of a complex infrastructure project of this scale. This was planned over a number of years and there are issues now being encountered which were not known at the very start.

When will I get fibre?

In cases where additional infrastructure and/or planning permission is sought, we anticipate fibre being made available to properties within weeks of the issues being resolved or planning permission granted