Mobile Data Free Text Alerts

Manx Telecom provides a free automatic Text Alert service for all our Pay Monthly customers when they use mobile data on our network.

This service automatically sends a text message when mobile data use on our network, reaches certain trigger levels through each calendar month. The Text Alerts are sent to the number using the mobile data.

To assist in explaining this new service further we have compiled some questions and answers:

Why have you introduced this service?

Access to email and the Internet via mobiles is now common place. Mobile data use is measured in Kilo Bytes and Mega Bytes, not minutes or number of web pages visited, so we understand that it can be difficult to keep track of how much or your mobile data allowance you are using each month. We want our customers to feel comfortable with using mobile data without the fear of running up a large bill. Text Alerts help customers know when they reach key trigger points in every calendar month.

Do I have to sign-up to the service?

No. All pay monthly customer numbers will automatically get the Text Alert messages.

Will I be charged for the Text Alerts?

No, the service is completely free for all our Pay Monthly customers.

When will I get Text Alerts?

You will only get Text Alerts when you are using mobile data on island and your usage exceeds certain key trigger points. The Text Alerts will be sent to the mobile number that is accessing mobile data. You will not receive Text Alerts when using any other types of service.

For Pay Monthly customers, alerts will be sent when you have used 50%, 90% and all of your data allowance

What will the Text Alerts say?

The Text Alerts are based on the total amount of mobile data used while on our network in a calendar month and are for guidance purposes only . You should continue to keep track of your data usage independent of receiving text alerts, as this is an advisory service only and you could have exceeded your allowance before an alert has been received.

The Pay Monthly text alerts will say:-

  • You have used 50% of your inclusive data allowance this month. Manx Telecom
  • You have used 90% of your inclusive data allowance this month. Manx Telecom
  • You have used all of your inclusive data allowance this month. Your price plan charges will now apply, check MT website for details

How do these Text Alerts affect the alerts I already receive whilst roaming?

The on-net Text Alerts service runs completely independently to those alerts you may receive whilst roaming.  You should note that any inclusive mobile data is not applicable while roaming, excluding specific BlackBerry roaming bolt-ons.  More information on our roaming text alert service can be found here.

Can I reply to a Text Alert?

Yes, however please be aware that, outside any inclusive allowance, standard text charges apply. We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

Will the Text Alerts match my monthly bill?

The Text Alerts are indicative only. If there is a discrepancy between our billing records and Text Alerts the former will always take precedence, no correspondence will be entered in to.

I use a dongle (USB modem) or other mobile device that isn’t set up to receive text messages?

You should be aware of mobile data charges before using your device. When we register high monthly usage by a dongle or similar device we will endeavour to use alternate contact details within your Manx Telecom account to notify you, however contact cannot be guaranteed. If in doubt, you should contact our Customer Accounts team on 624624.

I have a number of mobiles in a single Manx Telecom account, will these numbers be treated separately?

Yes, the Text Alert service relates to individual mobile numbers regardless of how many numbers maybe in your Manx Telecom account.

What if I don’t receive the Text Alerts?

If, for whatever reason, you do not receive the Text Alert messages you are still liable for all data charges incurred. If you believe you should be receiving Text Alerts and you aren’t, please contact our Service Centre on 624624 as soon as possible.

Can I opt out of the service?

Yes. Please contact our Customer Accounts team on 624624. By waiving our Text Alert service you will be asked to sign an understanding that you will be liable for any future mobile data charges.

Is the service available for Pay As You Go customers?

No. Pay As You Go customers can check their account balance at any time by pressing *#143#