Your Manx Telecom Engineering Appointment

If you are having a new telephone line installed, upgrading to Ultima Plus Broadband, having a new socket installed or you have simply reported a fault which we need to have a look at, your Manx Telecom engineering visit will have you connected with the minimum of fuss.

Below you will find some useful information about your Manx Telecom engineering visit to let you know what to expect and what you can do to help make the visit go as smoothly as possible.

  • We offer a range of appointments throughout the working day. Please ensure you are available for the entire appointment time. When you receive your appointment, please note that we may need to complete remote work in the exchange or roadside cabinet before the engineer arrives at your property. On occasion the engineer may work beyond the end of the appointment time to ensure you have service.
  • If your property is located within a multi-occupancy building, such as business units or apartments, you will need to ensure that access is available to the telephone distribute point or communications room. You may need to arrange this with your landlord or building manager.
  • Please notify us beforehand if there are any health and safety issues or access challenges which our engineers need to be aware of.
  • Please let us know if there any special considerations we need to take for the appointment such as “Knock loudly, bell broken”, or if our engineer needs to be accompanied at all times due to security requirements.
  • If your service is to be provided where there is furniture sited, please clear this out of the way before the appointment, making sure any fragile items, or excitable pets are safely out of the way.
  • Manx Telecom engineers cannot let themselves in or perform appointment work alone or where the only person in attendance is a minor. Please ensure you make adequate arrangements for someone to be present for the whole appointment time slot.
  • For Ultima and Ultima Plus installations, the engineer will convert the Master Socket which is usually the first socket where the line enters the property.
  • Some business Ultima and Ultima Plus installations may require changes to your network. Please ensure you have sufficient IT management arrangements in place.
  • Once the installation has been completed the engineer will test the line, or internet connection, and ensure the service is working before they leave.

The engineer will not be able to accept requests to alter any internal wiring or additional sockets during a line, Ultima or Ultima Plus appointment. Should you require any internal wiring work, please let us know when you place your order.