Broadband Usage Policy

Manx Telecom Broadband Usage Policy

If you subscribe to one of our Unlimited services then you do not need to worry about this policy as our Unlimited services are truly unlimited!

If you subscribe to one of our capped services then the following information will be useful to you.

If you are not sure which service you subscribe to, or you want to upgrade to Unlimited, please contact our Sales team on 624624.

What is Broadband Usage?

Broadband usage is anything that you do with your internet connection, with any device that is connected to your network; both uploads and downloads count as broadband usage.

There are two main factors which contribute to the total data usage:

  1. The number of devices attached to your internet connection
    For example - computers, smart phones, tablets, games consoles or SMART TVs
  2. The type of activity you are using the internet for; for example, browsing websites, watching online video (YouTube, BBC iPlayer), downloading apps, Skype conversations, sending or receiving email.
    Some types of activity use significantly more data than others for example, watching or downloading HD video uses much more data than looking at Facebook. Some examples of data usage are below
Usage Type Amount per Gigabyte
Surfing the web 44 hours
Facebook 51 hours
Online Video 1 hour
Skype 4 hours
Spotify 256 tracks

Figures are to be used as an indicative guide only and are not exact totals.

What are monthly usage allowances?

If you do not subscribe to an unlimited broadband service then you will be subscribed to a Capped broadband service which offers limited amounts of data to use each calendar month. The data counters reset at midnight on the first of each month.

The monthly data totals vary depending on the product you are subscribed to, the name of the product indicates how much data you have to use each month:

Broadband Product Monthly Usage Allowance
Broadband 15GB & Ultima 15GB 15 Gigabytes
Ultima Plus 20GB 20 Gigabytes
Broadband 40GB & Ultima 40GB 40 Gigabytes
Ultima Plus 50GB 50 Gigabytes
Broadband 150GB and Ultima 150GB 150 Gigabytes
Ultima Plus 200GB 200 Gigabytes

Further information on our broadband packages can be found here.

How am I kept informed about my usage?

During the month your usage is calculated by Manx Telecom equipment and should you reach 80% of your monthly allocation your internet browser will be redirected to a notification page which informs you of reaching that threshold. You can simply acknowledge this notification and continue using the internet as usual.

Broadband Product 80% Notice Shown At
Broadband 15GB & Ultima 15GB 12.2GB
Ultima Plus 20GB 16.3GB
Broadband 40GB & Ultima 40GB 32.7GB
Ultima Plus 50GB 50.9GB
Broadband 150GB and Ultima 150GB 122.8GB
Ultima Plus 200GB 163.8GB

80% notice totals are approximate

What happens if I go over my monthly allowance?

Should you reach 100% of your monthly allowance the speed of your broadband connection will be restricted and your internet browser will be regularly redirected to a notification page advising that you have reached your allocation of data for that month.
You will then have three options:

  1. You can continue to use the internet at the restricted speed and wait till until the first of the next calendar month, at which time your allocation of data for that month will become available and the speed restriction removed.
  2. You can select to enter your credit/debit card details, via an online portal accessible from the notification page, and pay an additional data charge so you can use the internet at full speed and with no limits until the end of the current month.
  3. You can upgrade your broadband subscription to one of our other packages. Details of our broadband services can be found here.

How can I keep an eye on my usage?

If you subscribe to a Capped broadband service you can check on your monthly usage with the Manx Telecom My Account service. The Broadband Usage Meter shows the incoming, outgoing and total amount of data used during the month.

You can register for myMT here.

Data shown is not a live representation and can be up to 48 hours old.

If you are on an Unlimited Broadband service you can download programs called Bandwidth Monitors, these can be used as an indicative guide to the amount of data you use. These programs may not record all the different types of traffic. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Service, if there is a discrepancy, the recording of data amounts by Manx Telecom will take precedence.

What can I do if I regularly go over my monthly allowance?

If you pay the additional data charge three times in any 12 month period you are better off upgrading to the next service up. The rental difference is only a few pounds extra per month for significantly greater amounts of data. Contact our Sales Team on 624624 for advice. Further details of our Broadband service can be found here.

Choosing the right Broadband service

Please see our Broadband Comparison page to pick the right Broadband service for you.

Don't forget to enter your telephone number in our availability checker to see if you are in range for Ultima or Ultima Plus.