Filter Troubleshooting

ADSL Filter Troubleshooting

ADSL filters are needed on all ADSL and ADSL2+ lines because once your line is activated with Manx Telecom Broadband it carries 2 signals, an analogue (phone) signal and a digital (broadband) signal, both carried at different frequencies. In order to receive both signals you must connect all of your telephony devices into an ADSL filter. It is this feature of Broadband which allows you to use the Internet whilst on the phone or receiving faxes.

Manx Telecom's Ultima and Ultima Plus Broadband sevices use a dedicated socket which is installed by our engineers. This means that you will not need to have filters in every telephone socket.

Every telephony device (telephones, faxes, Sky boxes, alarm diallers etc.) must pass through one ADSL filter.   No device should pass through more than one ADSL Filter.

If there is a problem with filtering you may face the following issues:

  • No connection possible on broadband service: common symptoms include a flashing ADSL light on your router
  • Intermittent connection or slow speeds
  • Noisy or poor telephone connection when the modem is plugged in

If you continue to experience problems with your Broadband connection, please check to see if a telephone socket in your premises is fitted with a NTE 2000 (pictured below). This is a special socket which contains the filter and means that all of the other sockets in the property DO NOT require the usual filters to be plugged in.  If you have an NTE 2000 and the ADSL filters plugged in as well, you are “double filtering” and losing your broadband signal.  Simply remove the filters and plug your modem or router straight into the socket on the NTE 2000.

If you have any further issues please contact our Service Centre on 624624.