SKY Q Issue Affecting Technicolor Routers

What is the issue?

Sky Q boxes can experience an issue when they are connected to non-Sky Broadband routers – including MT Technicolor routers.

This issue is caused when the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal which the Q box uses tries to connect to the third-party router, this connection handshake can fail which will be evident to the customer with connection issues, pink/green haze on the screen, box fans constantly running at high speed among other unexpected behavior.

Turning off the Q box and/or factory resetting devices may not resolve the issue.

How can this be resolved?

SKY recommend to turn off the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi in the Sky Q box and connect this to the router via an Ethernet cable. 

How does a customer turn the Wi-Fi off on a Q Box?

Press Home on the Sky Q remote

Highlight Settings then enter the sequence 001 and press Select to enter Engineer mode

There will now be a message stating that you are in the engineering menu.

Next select Network – scroll to the 2.4GHz wireless

Change this to Off and click Confirm

Once this has confirmed, power cycle the Q box and connect an Ethernet cable from the Sky box to the router.

Note: Following any firmware update, if a customer wishes to use Wi-Fi again on their Sky Q box they will need to repeat these steps to turn on 2.4GHz again.