Talk over Fibre Support

Talk Over Fibre Troubleshooting

In the event of an issue with your Talk Over Fibre service below you will find some steps to help you troubleshoot before contacting the Manx Telecom Service Centre:

Fibre issues
Check that your Fibre Optical Network Termination socket, or ONT, has power and that there are no red warning lights which could indicate a problem

Router issues
Check your router has power and for any similar warning lights. See our Broadband support pages for further assistance.

Base Station troubleshooting
Check that your phone is correctly pluged in to the router. If you are using a Whole Home networking solution, try connecting your phone directly in to the router.
Your Yealink phone has three lights on which should all be solid green, from the top down, these are:

  1. Registration LED - this indicates that at least one handset is registered to the base station
  2. Network Status LED - If this is slowly flashing there is a network problem. Check your network cable is correctly plugged in to the router and that the router doesn't have any red warning lights.
  3. Power Indicator - If this is slowly flashing it means that the base station is in the process of upgrading its firmware. Check again in a few minutes.

Handset issues
If the handset display is not working, ensure that the handset is placed on the charging cradle correctly. You can also try replacing the AAA rechargeable batteries.

If the handset displays Not Registered, follow the process below to register your handset.

If all else fails, please call 624 624 and our Service Centre will be happy to help.

Additional Handsets

The Yealink W52P provided with Talk over Fibre can support up to 4 additional Yealink W52H handsets. If you have a W53P, this can support up to 8 devices.

To register your additional handset to your phone follow the below steps:

  • On your base station, press the Registration button for at least 2 seconds until the handset light flashes
  • Now, on your new additional handset, press OK to enter the main menu
  • Select Settings, then Registration and then Register Handset
  • Select Base 1 and then enter PIN 5819 when prompted
  • You should now see "Handset Subscribed"