Classifieds Guidelines

By posting items for sale using the Manxnet Classifieds site you agree to abide by the guidelines outlined below:


  • Sales made via the Classifieds site are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and seller of said item. Manx Telecom is in no way responsible, not does it offer any guarantee relating to the sale or purchase of any item on the website.
  • Once an item has been removed from the Classifieds website Manx Telecom is not able to retrieve an item for later query.
  • Adverts must only be posted in relevant categories
  • It is prohibited to advertise the following items:
    • Firearms of any kind including ammunition
    • Knives, swords, daggers, including ceremonial blades of any kind.
    • Drugs and drug paraphernalia of any kind
    • Adult or offensive material
    • Alcohol
    • Tobacco
    • Hazardous materials

Image Rules

We may reject images or pictures for any reason, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • they do not relate specifically to the Advert;
  • they are posted in an incorrect category;
  • they contain identifiable markings of a person or place, for example a car number plate, person’s face or address details or any other personal data
  • they contain an inappropriate image as dictated by the moderation team
  • they are for an item not permitted hereunder;
  • they contain a copyrighted image; or
  • they are not of the actual sale item referred to in the Advert.

We reserve the right to moderate our provision of our online classifieds advertising services and any of your Adverts as we feel appropriate.

Acceptable Use

Manxnet records IP addresses of adverts posted on the Classifieds system; this information will be used to identify people who publish advertisements with inappropriate content.

Offending material will be removed.

Manxnet reserves the right to withdraw advertising to those individuals and, if necessary, Internet access through all Manxnet ISP products.

Users must only post adverts in sections appropriate to their advert. Users that 'spam' the Classifieds and post adverts in categories that are not appropriate may have their adverts deleted and if continued abuse of the service occurs, their accounts suspended.

If you notice Classifieds users abusing the service by spamming adverts in inappropriate categories or by posting abusive or inappropriate adverts please let us know by using the Report Advert tool.

Terms and Conditions

The Classifieds Terms and Conditions can be found here.