Editing or Deleting a Classifieds Advert

Once your Manxnet Classifieds advert is live you can edit it or delete it at any point.

It should also be taken into account that adverts will be displayed online for a maximum of two months.

To edit your advert:

  • Log into your Classifieds account
  • Click Manage Classifieds
  • Click My Classifieds
  • Click Edit or Delete as required.


If you choose to edit you will see the page with your adverts' details. Simply change as required and click Submit.

It should be noted that you cannot change the category of your advert and by changing an advert it does not affect its hierachy within Classifieds. Thus if you wish to bump your item back to the top of a category you would have to post a completely new version of your advert.

It should be noted if you change your image then they will need to be moderated.


If you want to delete your advert you will be asked to confirm if you wish your advert to be permanently deleted. If you have clicked on delete in error you can then choose to go back to Manage Classifieds instead