Replying to an advert

To reply to an advert on manxnet Classifieds via email you need to click Reply to this ad when viewing the advert details.

It should be noted that not all sellers want contacting by email so it may be that some adverts don't show this option.  Instead they may give just a telephone number or contact details within the body of the actual advert.

Once you have clicked on Reply to this ad you will see a web form to fill in to send your message to the seller.

If you are logged into your own Classifieds account at this point the From field will be automatically completely with your email address.  You can change this if required though.  If not logged in, and it should be noted that you do not need to have a Classifieds account to reply to an advert, if this is the case though you will have to complete the From field with your email address.

You will also see a graphical challenge (see example below) which are becoming increasingly common on many websites.  You need to copy what you see into the box beneath the challenge.  If you struggle to read a particular challenge you can get a new one by clicking on the top small blue box with two arrows in it.  You can click this new challenge button as many times as needed till you see a challenge which you feel you can complete.

Example of graphical challenge




If you are thinking of buying an animal which is being offered for sale/rehoming on Classifieds please take the time to satisfy yourself as to the animal's background and health.